What to wear this summer

Hello, my sweet babies. We are having extremely hot weather here in Tbilisi. Oh, yeah, I haven't directly said up to this point, but we are living on the Eurasian continent now. I am so in love with our new home. I made a few new friends here already. We take walking tours to understand where we we living. To change our life style was quite easy, because I have been introduced to the Georgian mentality and food before. This country is super beautiful, people are friendly, and you can meet a ton of Americans, Germans, Russians, and people from other countries.

Since my husband is busy with his job, I was able to find pretty cool cafes, restaurants, architectural delights. Every weekend, I try to take him out for a walk with me to show him my discoveries. After a month living here and walking for 4-5 hours a day, my hubby is amazed at how much energy I have. In the past, I would get super tired and hated long walks. Here, I have been enjoying taking these strolls all over the old city. Anyway, this weekend, after a 4-hour walk in 90 F heat, we were able to find cool buildings with beautiful historical architecture that I am going to show you later. I decided to wear this beautiful dress that I got from Storets. The vibrant color of the dress just looked amazing and everyone starred at me. I styled it with my favorite Nina Shoes sandals and a Eva Mendes by NY&Company bag. Let me know what are you planning to do this summer!

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