What to wear when you travelling by car

Hello, guys! I know it is a bit early to think about the Fall season, but I have had these photos for such a long time without sharing them. To be honest, I don't even remember when I did this photo shoot. I have been busy with my new life, in our new home, and I am absolutely enjoying it. We have quite a hot summer here, but when I was in Monterey, we barely had a hot season compared to SoCal. Our new home is really beautiful and living in big city is very fun. I will tell you more later.

Before we left the United States, we had a super fun trip that you may already have read about. We travelled across the country and saw so many beautiful cities and parks. What I love about the United States is that you can travel anywhere as long you have a car. Sadly, I still do not have a driver's license and my husband had to drive non-stop. It is why he is the best. I don't even know if I ever will learn how to drive. Ugh. When we travelled during the past months, I realized that having rain boots in your car is a must-have. You never know where you might end up and how muddy it can. This is especially true in the forest or while you are hiking alongside a river. Previously, I destroyed my two pairs of white Adidas sneakers. Rain boots might not be comfortable for a long walk, but they definitely will keep your feet dry and clean. It is why I choose to wear my Hunter boots along with their backpack from the Fall Winter Collection. I am actually thinking to get another pair of rain boots, but in red or yellow color which would be perfect for the summer rainy season. 

Btw, I am quite excited, because my sister and cousin are coming to visit me and I am making some plans for how to make our schedule super busy. I want that they can see as much as possible. I told them to pack their rain boots! Do you own any rain boots?

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