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Hi, guys! The past week has been quite busy and I almost forgot to share with you something that I wanted to share a while ago. I always supported any ideas aiming to do something good for this world, which is unfortunately full of cruelty to animals and dangers to our ecosystem.  I always see sad news of poor animals getting hurt because of our human selfishness. Elephants are one of them. Did you ever know how important they are for the ecosystem where they live, especially during dry the season? They find water that helps other species to not die in this hot, harsh environment. They are not just intelligent creatures, but also super cute and important to our planet.

Have you heard that 96 elephants are killed each day? It is important for us humans to remember that we are not alone on this planet and need to respect the nature around us. Today, I would love to introduce you to Elephantasia travelings exhibition that is going to be hosted during London Fashion Week in September. 12 International designers will raise awareness while showing their unique couture collection of an interpretation of "the elephant."  Elephantasia is a 3-year campaign that started in 2016 and premiered at Vancouver Fashion Week. The campaign's idea is to support the survival of elephants. To take part in this campaign, I decided to create my own pictures to spread awareness (elephant pictures by

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