My Top 10 movies & tv shows that you should watch

Hello, my dear readers. I know I've never written anything about my favorite movies. But ever since I got hooked up with HBO GO, I just watch movies while working on my blog or Instagram. I love to work and watch tv at the same time. I watched a lot of movies this past and new year. Some of the movies have been shown in the cinema, some might be shown on TV. Since we don't like cable, HBO has been awesome for us.  Okay, here are my TOP 10 movies & tv shows that I hope you can watch:

1. Genius (if you like history and you would like to know about the famous American novelist Thomas Wolfe, he wrote books like "Look Homeward, Angel" and "Of Time and the River");
2. Deadpool (not the typical super hero movie, but very funny )
3. By the Sea ( I believe this is the last movie that Angelina Jolie and Bred Pitt filmed together before their divorce);
4. Joy (an inspiring movie about how hard work can pave the way for successful young women)
5. Insecure (an HBO series about a young African American woman who is confused about what she wants)
6. The Night Of (a story of a criminal murder that touches some cultural & political issues)
7. Girls (quite a similar story to "Sex and the City," but for a younger generation)
8. Westworld (a new world with futuristic and philosophical thoughts on life)
9. Divorce (a comedy drama about a couple that go through a dirty divorce)
10.  The Brink (a comedy series that satires political crisis).

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