What to wear when you travel and look stylish

Hello, guys! Since I have shared with you already that I have been traveling, most of my friends have lost a track of where am I and what I do. Haha, to be honest, I lost track where am I too and what day it is today. Sounds crazy, but you know, I feel happy. Traveling is one of my life's priorities and I wish my husband was joining me too, because we are best travel buddies. We travelled across the country before while spending for 15-20 hours on the road. We always found topics to talk about and didn't get bored. Haha, sounds so perfect, right?! Anyway, my main concern when I travel is what I'm going to wear since I'm a stylish wife and blogger. Many of my friends usually wear activewear while taking a flight to another country or driving on the road. To be honest, I never ever wore activewear, even at the airport. I know that sport clothes are comfortable, but I like to feel pretty even when I travel. I would love to give advice on how to look stylish while you are traveling. First, find a comfy pair of jeans. I own 2 pair of jeans that I feel extremely comfortable wearing. One is from GAP and the other one is from Zara. Jeans can be cozy too, you just need to find the right fit. I always take a dress with me or a skirt. In case it is a bit chilly, you can always style a dress over your jeans, like exactly how I did in the following photos. (Thanks Lulus for sending this dress). As for shoes, I always pick sneakers. Most stylish sneakers are made by Adidas that you can get at any retail stores. Also, I love platform shoes, like the one that I'm wearing in the pics. This pair I got at Zara. Since then, I have been wearing these platform shoes almost every day. The last thing I take with me is accessories. Personally, I'm big fan of mini bags and colorful sunglasses. 
Dress | Lulus   Hat | Forever 21  Jeans | GAP 
Bag | Rebecca Minkoff   Shoes (similar) | Asos

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