Places where I would love to travel this year

Hey, guys! I hope this is my last winter-themed outfit, since I'm back in Cali.  This year is going to be quite adventurous for me and my husband. I have big plans for where I want to travel this year. First, I found some bargain plane tickets to San Diego and Seattle. If I get the chance, I'd love to go back to NYC. Also, I want to go to Los Angeles because we were not able to see so much of the city last time. I would also like to see the Grand Canyon and Napa Valley. In May, we plan to move to another country. I'm going to keep it secret because I want you guys to stay tuned. But I want to see some European cities and countries, and maybe Central Asia.  After launching DISPURS, I really need to get back to Korea. I sound probably crazy, but I want to do certain things before I turn 30 years old. If there are any cool places you know in United States that I missed, let me know! I have already visited majors cities like Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Maine, New Orleans, Florida, Las Vegas, New York, and Waikiki. Where do you plan to travel this year?

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