What to do when you don't have motivation?!

Hello, guys! I hope you are all well after this spell of cold weather. I have been staying home 
lately and trying to figure out how to motivate myself to do what I planned to do. LOL.

Also, I didn't expect that my blogging year would start super slow and hope that people will 
notice my hard work on Instagram, though, that's been tough too. Anyway, I don't want to 
worry about it too much. I am very grateful for my readers. You guys are truly awesome! 
This year, I am trying to invest my time on blogging instead of social media. Social media 
has taken so much time from my life during the last year. Of course, it was paid back, so 
I can't complain really.

Anyway, when the year started, I had all this motivation to stay aggressive and be more 
active on my blog, as I used to be in 2015. But, I don't know why, I have no motivation at 
all lately. All I want is to eat ice cream and watch TV. What the heck is wrong with me? 
Anyway, I need to boost myself to do something. I booked a ticket to NYC. Travels always
energize me. I plan to some of my friends, blogger babies and work with some brands. 
In case you are New Yorker and want to meet me, I will be happy to get to know you too! 
Here are my pics from my previous trip to NY.

Cardigan | Lucky Chouette  Skirt | YesStyle  Boots | Public Desire 

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