What should you wear for Job interview or Back to School Style

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Hello, my sweet readers! I'm so sorry for being extremely busy these past weeks. Our friends came to visit and we had so much fun. It can be exhausting though! I've never understood how people in my country can host guests every day! I would probably fail as a true Kazakh wife. Haha.
Well, it is the last day of summer, and we are back to our normal schedule. By this I mean, parents are getting their kids ready for the school season, teachers are back at work, and of course, college students are heading back to campus. Last year, I wrote a post about what teachers should wear. This time, I decided to think about what one could wear if you have a job interview or even a college admissions interview. Of course, you want to wear something elegant, clean, and representable.  You should check out this beautiful dress from Storets. I styled it with my classic kitten heels and a tote bag.
Dress | Storets  Heels | Nina Shoes Sunglasses | ZeroUV Bag | Nuciano Necklace | Ily Couture

What to wear for fashion week

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Hello, beautiful readers! Are you ready for Fashion Week season? Well, I am! After shopping like crazy and trying to figure out what should I take with me to NYFW, everything is settled, and I am so excited! This time, I thought I'd give some tips in case if you are wondering what to wear too. I would advise you to stick with black, white and any fall colors like green, yellow or wine red.  After getting hugely influenced by Instagram black and white trends, I created my Fashion Week outfit in black in white as well. I'm wearing a Chicwish top with my Forever 21 wide leg pants. What's your pick to wear?
Top | Chicwish  Scarf |  Zara Pants | Forever 21 Sunglasses | ZeroUV  Bag | Asos

What to wear denim overalls

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Denim Overalls are always a hot trend in any season. I believe this is my third set of denim overalls, but the first in boyfriend style. I have been quite scared to wear it because boyfriend or oversized clothes visually gives me extra weight on my petite size. But I do very much love boyfriend style, because it is awesomely comfortable. Don't you agree with me?

Shirt | Sheinside  Overall | Sans Souci  Overall | Similar  
Sneakers | Michael Kors  Flowers | FTD Flowers

Jumpsuit that you would want to wear this fall

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Hello, my sweeties! A few weeks ago, I thought that I would never create a festival outfit. I know the hottest season for festivals is almost over, and we have yet to hit up Coachella. You would think that I'm crazy for missing out since I live in California, but I guess I've grown up from the age of when I could stay up all night and dance. Haha. Anyway, just in case if you plan to go to some cool events in California, this outfit would be my choice! I'm wearing a wonderful jumpsuit from Tucker by Gaby Basora. This would work perfectly for events like Coachella. To complete my outfit, I wore ZeroUV sunglasses, a American Eagle hat, a Lulus choker and a Daniel Wellington watch. 

Why #bettermatters ? Why do you need security devices in your life!!!

4:31 PM
Hello guys! If you remember, I wrote on all of my social media about an unfortunate incident at the end of July. Well, my bike was stolen from our garage. The funny part is that we never thought that it could happen to us. We got lucky that the thieves had an interest to only my bike. Everything else stayed seemingly untouched. You wouldn't believe me, but I guess I'm lucky because I never was robbed before. When it comes to my belongings, I'm usually very careful and responsible.

Last year I published an outfit with my beautiful new bike. You can find more photos here. I used to ride this bike a lot when we lived back in Virginia, but living in California has not been good place to use my bike because of the many hills. Instead of biking, I usually just walk to the supermarket or library.

The night before my bike got stolen, the thought strangely crossed by mind to use my Canary Home Security camera more.  I got this nifty device from Verizon as an influencer (you can find more about it here). But since we didn't have any trips recently, I didn't see a reason to use the security camera. Well, I was stupid to not listen my inner voice. Now I'm thinking to myself - if I had a camera set up in our garage, we might have been able to see who stole my bike!

Additionally, a few months ago, I shared with you about the Tile Bluetooth tracker. What if I used it on my bike and we could easily have found the location of the thieves?! (find more about Tile here)

I was bit silly to not use any of my cool devices to keep my house safe. Luckily, just after a week, I got a call from a police officer who had found my bike. I honestly didn't expect much to come of the police report I filed, but Monterey's Police Department proved me wrong! You can't imagine how happy I was, and how surprised my face must have looked when I saw my bike. The only crappy thing is that MY beautiful white bike was spray-painted black with different parts meant for a guy to ride. Nevertheless, I was super thankful to the police officer who did a great job, because everyone told me that bikes are very hard to find, and if the thieves are professionals, it would be quickly sold off. My husband and I went to police department and left some sweet goodies for the officer to thank him for his fantastic work! I am truly amazed at how fast he was able to find the bike! I was also grateful to the amazing team of Bike Index Organization. They were super helpful in giving a lot of tips on what to do when your bike is stolen. If your bike is ever stolen, make sure to register there and don't forget to save your serial number of your bike!

Today, my bicycle has a Tile Bluetooth tracker on it, in case if will be stolen again. I will totally find the location of the thieves and send Monterey PD to bust them - don't mess with me! My Canary Home Security camera is connected to our garage and it sends me an alert even if a spider walks by the camera. It would be hard to miss an intruder. Of course, I can easily track everything with my awesome Samsung Galaxy S7 edge phone! I'm so proud to be a part of Verizon influencer and share why #BETTERMATTERS to me and my family!

(me in 2015 when I just bought my new bike)

How to style wide leg pleated pants

9:46 AM
I always have been a big fan of wide leg pants. I believe I first mentioned this in one of my oldest blog posts. Wide leg pants can be flattering or can make you look even taller. Of course, I always choose them in dark colors because it visually make you look way skinnier and longer. Of course, heels help too. But if you are tall enough, wide leg pants on you will definitely look amazing. As a petite girl, I always envied taller girls like many of you. Tall girls truly can pull off just about anything and they will look great. Being petite is always complicated when finding the correct size. I'm glad there are designers and smart people who realize that not every one looks like a model, and come up with fits that work for all of us. Anyway, I was happy to get my Zara pleated pants that unfortunately were a big longer than I expected.  Nothing too hard for my local tailor to fix. 

That's probably enough on my wide leg pants. I actually just wanted to show how can you style them and look super fancy! I picked a top from SheIn that totally compliments my entire outfit. What do you think?

Top | Sheinside  Pants (Similar) | Farfetch  Sunglasses | Prada  Lipstick | MAC

What to wear and look tall

11:47 PM
Hello, babies!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. We didn’t do so much, but we had some absolutely lovely weather. Monterey Bay is usually gray and super windy, but this Sunday, I finally got a healthy dose of vitamin D.

For my Sunday outfit, I decided to wear something that you have never seen on me – denim shorts! I don’t know why, but I have been avoiding shorts for a long time. After leaving South Korea, I didn’t feel very comfortable wearing anything short back in Virginia. But fashion in California is actually different from the East Coast. It is why I also paired one of my husband’s vintage shirts with these denim shorts that I got from Wet Seal.To add some fun and sexiness to my outfit, I wore my new Michael Kors sandals from Shoes.com. Also, my dear readers, you can get a discount by using the these link to get a discount code at Shoes.com on your next purchase.  High heels make my legs look extremely long. It’s fun feeling tall! Don’t you agree? Don't forget to buy my closet Via Stylinity

Shirt |  Club Monaco Shorts | Wet Seal   Sandals | Michael Kors   Clutch | Nasty Gal

My experience with Storets online store

1:47 PM
Hello, my dears. I have so much material that I seriously need to publish very soon. Otherwise, if the material gets too old, it won't be very helpful. I remember a time when I barely had material to publish. Even right now, I'm taking less work, and there is still a ton to do. Plus, writing a blog post always takes a lot of time - even more than a photoshoot and editing photos. 

Anyway, a week ago, I got some really beautiful pieces from Storets. I was extremely excited to style every single piece. I would love to link the top, but seems to have been sold out already. But you should definitely check out their store, because they have a ton of cool and unique pieces. I styled this top with my new Zara pants and Public desire mesh boots. 
     Top | Storets  Jeans | Zara  Boots | Public Desire   Watch | Christian Paul 
Bracelet | Christian Paul   Bag | Poupee de Papier  Sunglasses | ZeroUV  

My ZeroUV glasses #ad

8:53 PM
Hello, hello, hello! Last week, I showed on my Snapchat a package that I got from ZeroUV shop. And many of you texted me right away to ask what brand are these awesome glasses. Well, in collaboration with ZeroUV, I will show a lot of beautiful outfits in the upcoming weeks. ZeroUV offers a lot of fun affordable sunglasses in a wide variety. I'm pretty sure that you would be happy with your purchase. I will leave a price and a link to every pair of sunglasses under the photos. Let me know which one is your favorite?

What to wear to a fashion event

4:15 PM
Hello my sweethearts! I haven't attended fashion events for such a long time. I thought moving to the USA would bring my fashion adventures to the next level. Haha, it kind of did bring me to the next level, but at same time, while living in a small town where is nothing going on, you can definitely forget about that scene. I really miss my life back in South Korea. 

If you live in big city, I would totally advise you to go and enjoy the company of other bloggers. If it happens that you are not sure what to wear, I think you should check out the Chicwish store. I was able to put together something for such a meeting. I picked a striped off-shoulder dress along with a Poupee de Papier clutch-wallet and Clarks sandals. Of course, I don't leave the house without my favorite sunglasses from ZeroUV.
Dress | Chicwish   Bag | Poupee de Paier  Sandals | Clarks   Sunglasses | ZeroUV

Time to relax and listen music

4:51 PM

Time to listen to music and relax. Hello, hello! I seriously missed you guys. Today, I decided to show you my fun side. I’m a bit serious in my photos usually, but I have seen how much you enjoy me being silly sometimes. Hehe. I’m pretty sure that I have enough readers in the ages of 16-24, and you will probably love this fun outfit.  As you remember, my blog is about trying new styles. Here I am, wearing cool platform sneakers from Karma Loop (that I got via Stylinity Collaboration). To be honest, it took me a bit to learn how to walk in these shoes. Some of you truly loved them when I featured them on my Snapchat. I love how quickly I can show off all my new goodies. Anyway, I thought this pair of shoes is definitely perfect for a young-themed and comfy outfit. It is why I wore my Macy’s denim skirt along with a Zara sweater. This perfectly works with my silly poses. What do you think?
Take a 30% off with my Karma Loop coupons or shop my look here!

Sweater | Zara  Skirt | Macy's  Sneakers | Karma loop  Sunglasses | Ily Couture
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