My key to successful travels

Hey, guys! You know that the end of the year is very close and some of you know that we are moving to a new location pretty soon. I always get excited for our next life adventure, even though I am seriously enjoying my life in North California. I have met some great gals and hope that we will still stay in touch.

Since I have a lot of travel experience as a student, blogger and a wife, here are a few things that you should have with you when you travel.

1. Extra layers. Always have extra clothes in case the weather temperature will change. The hardest part for me, since I am a fashion blogger, is that I always overpack my case. Extra outfits to shoot while traveling is quite important.

2. Extended Battery. Again, as a fashion blogger, you want to be able have your cell phone charged and ready to capture all the beautiful moments while traveling or even do some fun snaps, because your followers will really appreciate it.

3. Cell phones. Yes, I wrote that in plural. If you have any extra cell phone, make sure to have it too. Since I'm a Verizon influencer, and so happy to be part of their awesome team, they gave me a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. This phone captures fascinating photos and has a long battery life that carries through my trips. No need to care heavy cameras around.

4. Tile. Don't want to lose your belongings while traveling?! Tile is one key to successful trip. My husband always loses his wallet and I gave him my SLIM Tile that fit fantastically.

5. First Aid Kit. From all of our trips, we never got hurt. But just recently, while I had a small trip to the beach with my friend Elyse, I cut my finger from being silly by thinking that a knife wasn't even sharp. WRONG.

6. Best cell phone service. Oh, yeah how could we survive in this world without an Internet! I'm a Verizon user and all my friends use their services, can't complain.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and I thought that I should also share one of my oldest photoshoots we did with my husband while traveling. I didn't have a good opportunity to share until now. In case you would like to hear about my favorite editing Apps that I use, let me know and I will write it in my next post.

Thanks to the Verizon Influencer group for letting me try their products and share my honest thoughts about them. No additional compensation is provided to me. All the opinions here are my own.

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