Our Travel Adventures: Monterey >Seattle, Seattle > Montrey

Hey, guys! It's time to join me on our adventure via my blog if you didn't do it on Snapchat. Let's start! For our second road trip, we visited:

1. Redwood Forest National Park, California State: We were able to drive through the legendary Shrine Tree & Chandelier Tree. Our favorite was Chandelier because it is still healthy and beautifully alive. I definitely advise you to take a drive on the Avenue of the Giants and stop along the way for some nature walks. Our favorite trail was around Founder's Grove. It was short, but we were in awe of the incredibly huge trees as walked among them. 

2. Eureka > Trinidad, California State:  We enjoyed short stops at these wonderful cities. Eureka has a beautiful old town with victorian style houses where you can also buy Redwood tree seeds and saplings. In Trinidad, we were able to see only the recreational lighthouse, beach, and fishing pier.

3. Horsfall Beach, Oregon State: Horsfall recreational area is really fun. They have a lot of cool stuff such as towering tunes, but we didn't have so much time and briefly visited the beach before driving to Oregon Dunes. 

4. Oregon Dunes National Recreational Area, Oregon State:  We spent over an hour hiking to the beach. It was so much fun to walk through the dunes, then take a trail through the forest, before finding the ocean. When we got to the beach, we got lucky that no one was there. It was quite tough to hike up the dunes on our way back to the car, but it was definitely an awesome place. I would love to go back there in the future when we have kids.

5. Big Four Ice Caves, Washington State: This place is incredible, dangerous and mystical. I first asked my husband to visit the Ice Caves a while ago. After the tragic death of a young girl, the government actually closed the trail, but a year later, it was opened again to the public. I really wanted to go there in the winter season, but bad weather can make this a hazardous journey. That being said, my dream came true and we finally got there. If you are in Washington State, and plan to visit this place, please be careful! Read the signs, and don't climb or go inside of the cave. Several people have died doing this!

6. Cannon Beach, Oregon State: We actually visited the cute towns of Astoria and Seaside on the way to Cannon Beach. Due to the heavy rain and cold weather. I was able to take only a few photos at Cannon Beach. After Cannon Beach, we spent the night in rustic Rockaway Beach town. 

7. Crater Lake National Park, Oregon State: I have seen many things in my life, but this was truly something outstanding. The deep blue color, water clarity and just knowing that this lake was formed by a collapsed volcano blows your mind. Just so you know, it is the deepest lake in United States. If you plan a small family vacation, it is a must-visit place!

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