Pacific Grove

8:52 PM
Happy Friday,  buddies! Yesterday, I visited the public library again. This time I was there because they made a mistake about a book I had previously returned. At least it gave me the chance to enjoy a nice walk back home after getting dropped off by my hubby. There are so many incredible places to see here. I've grown to really love the Pacific Grove area. We did this shoot there after having breakfast. You can hear chatter from tourists from all over the world, all feasting upon the beautiful vistas behind me. For this outfit, I chose a shoulder off top from SheIn along with a suede skirt and white vintage sandals. The outfit was perfect for the day and the mood of Pacific Grove.
Top | SheIn  Skirt (Similar) | Target  Necklace | Dynamite

Travel OOTD: San Francisco

6:25 PM
Hello, my dears! I mentioned that last week, we went to San Francisco. It took me many hours to figure out what to wear. Sometimes, I have no idea what to put on. Does it happen to you? Even though my closet is full of many good items, I sometimes feel uninspired or not in the mood to wear them, which leads to the feeling like I have nothing to wear! At the last minute, I remembered that bought a nice dress from Forever 21. The neutral color and simple cuts inspired me to create a minimalistic outfit. Since it was super windy, I wore my vintage long cardigan that I got from SheIn many months ago. For shoes, I picked my new gladiator sandals from Aqua Pillar. They worked pretty well for long distance walking, because we trekked all over Alcatraz Island. 
Cardigan (Similar) |  New Look  Dress | Forever 21  Sandals | Aqua Pillar

Fabuleux in California

7:50 PM
Hey, guys! It was a wonderful day today. We visited the most famous aquarium on the west coast - Monterey Bay Aquarium. We decided to buy a membership so we can enjoy our time there, because we love sea life and fish. The best part of the Aquarium was watching the staff feed fish and animals. They are so cute. 

Since it has been such wonderful weather, I decided to wear something with a vibe of colors. I wore my t-shirt from Hearts & Krafts with a pleated skirt that I got from Asos. To stay warm, I sported my new Zara jacket that I had no chance to wear yet. And of course, my favorite shades from Polette. I hope you had an amazing day too!
Jacket (Similar) | Romwe   Shirt | Hearts & Krafts     Skirt |  Asos     Sandals |  Zappos      
Clutch |  Choies    Eyewear | Polette

Fall Outfit | New-in | MINKPINK x Alysia x Deux Lux

1:18 PM
This week is going to be interesting, because my husband is starting his new school and I'm going to figure out how to keep myself busy. First, I'm planning to read all of the Russian books that I found in the local public library, since I got a membership there. Second, I want to start visiting Zumba classes. I didn't take any classes yet, but I'm quite excited. Since we do not have a gym like we did at our last place, I need to keep away myself from sitting all day by the computer. 

Today was super sunny and a little bit windy. I wore my new MINKPINK tank top paired with my favorite distressed jeans from Style Moi. To keep me warm (don't forget, it is deceptively not summer here!), I wore my new long MINKPINK cardigan. Also, I was so happy to wear my new booties that I got from Alysia. I didn't customize mine, but you can easily customize your perfect shoes at Alysia. Also, I got a super cute satchel from Deux Lux. Its creative design employing small, watching eyes gives it the uniqueness of the Deux Lux brand.
Top | MinkPink  Cardigan | MinkPink  Jeans | Style Moi  Boots | Alysia  Bag | Deux Lux

Wide Pants and Oversized Shirt

5:32 PM
Happy Monday, sweethearts!  I hope you had a great weekend.  My weekend was super busy, as we went to San Francisco for a short day trip.  I will show my outfit later.  Also, we went to watch a new movie with our friends called "Bridge of Spies."  You should definitely watch it, because I loved it!  I love movies based on real stories.  I even drop some tears sometimes.

This was the best weekend, since I got a bunch of new goodies.  Like many cool fashionistas, I have been hunting for white wide-leg pants for a while.  I finally found them at the Lookbook store.  As a petite lady, it is quite hard to find perfect wide pants, but nothing stops me from trying different silhouettes.  Here comes my wide-pants outfit in combination with an oversized F/W15 Lucky Chouette blouse that I got from WannabK.  While I was dressing myself lately, I got into the mood of fashion week.  I don't know why, but I felt like this look would work wonderfully for this special occasion. 
Blouse | Wannab K  Pants | Lookbook Store  Shoes | AquaPillar  Bag | Oasap

Button-Front Skirt Trend / Downtown

12:33 PM
Happy Weekend, sweeties! In my last post, I mentioned that we're still discovering our small town. This time, we decided to walk downtown. I never thought I would wear this popular button-front skirt (Lookbook store), but now I know why every girl wants it. Since I'm not very happy with my wide hips, this skirt slims me perfectly. Retro sunglasses, a white blouse and this A-line skirt turned me back to the fashion of my mother's past. To stay warm, I wore my oversized cardigan from the Lookbook store. As for my shoes, I thought that my classy Gwen Stefani pumps would serve as a wonderful conclusion. 
Blouse | Asos   Skirt | Lookbook Store  
Cardigan | Lookbook Store Pumps | GX by Gwen Stefani  

What to wear for walking around

2:14 PM
Happy Friday, lovelies! Today, I wanted to share with you another travel / casual outfit. You know, have been traveling a lot lately, and of course, I create comfortable looks. This time, we decided to walk around our city. Our first stop was City Hall. It had a wonderful spot to shoot my everyday outfit. Most of the time, when I know that we are going to walk a lot, I wear my favorite Stan Smith sneakers.  They are not just super comfortable but also always complete my look due to their versatility. I feel like buying more of variations of Stan Smiths. Do you own a pair?

Since, it gets chilly in the evening, I wore my knitted dress in pink from the Lookbook store. I have been looking for a knitted dress for a while, and feel that it's a must-own for any girl during the Fall & Winter seasons.
Dress | Lookbook  Sneakers | Stan Smith  Bag | Express  Jacket | Express

Too white, too bright

8:05 PM
Good evening, my dears! We are planning to leave tomorrow to San Francisco. Even though we explored this place already, we didn't have the chance to see the famous Alcatraz Island. So we are going to do it tomorrow! So excited! Hmm... I need to plan what to wear.   Today, I wanted to share another white outfit. To not look overwhelming with white since we chose a white background, I decided to wear my minty sweater over my new The Fifth dress from Fashion Bunker. To complete my white assembly, I grabbed my Anastasia by Raine clutch. Btw, have you ever been in San Francisco? What is your dream travel destination?
Bag | Anastasia by Raine  Sweater / CMEO Collective  Dress | BNKR  Sandals / StyleNanda

Ocean Blue/ Cobalt Blue details

9:41 PM
Hello, my sweet people! I still can't understand the weather in Northern California. One day, it is Fall here, another day, it will be hot like Summer. Anyway, I'm enjoying it most when it is sunny and we can go and see stuff around the area. For this trip, we visited Pacific Grove. OMG, it is my favorite spot now! It is incredibly beautiful and gets really busy during the weekend. Definitely visit if you are in California. I know that most of you are ready for or are in the midst of the Fall season, and  are still waiting to get some inspiration for what to wear. Because of the crazy weather during our outing, I opted for a kind of summerish outfit. I'm wearing my new shoulder off top from SheIn paired with my distressed jeans. I would wear sneakers, but my boyfriend jeans make me look even shorter. It is why I chose my new peep toe sandals from Aqua Pillar and they matched wonderfully with my mini bag from Zara.
Top | SheIn Jeans | Style Moi  Sandals | AquaPillar  
Eyewear | Polette  Necklace | Dynamite

Beach Paradise

7:55 PM
Hi, guys! I hope you had a wonderful start to your week! This weekend, we had a power outage. The whole city had no electricity and everyone was going crazy! We had fun because we visited the beach, and of course, we took some pictures. Also, maybe you noticed, but I finally got my domain name! The sad part was losing all my comments via Google Plus. I can't wait for when you visit me again and leave your comments! Without your comments, the blog feels so empty. Plus, don't forget to leave the link to your blog so I can visit you back! 

For our beach shoot, I wore my new top from Lookbook store. I can't believe how crystal clear the water appears. I wish I could swim! How about you? Can you swim?
Top | Lookbook Store    Necklace | Dynamite    Lipstick | MAC

How to find a perfect jeans online

5:40 PM
Happy Sunday!  I hope you all relaxed and are ready to start a new week.  I don't know for certain, but I'm pretty sure that many of you have the same problem when it comes to jeans. This is especially true if you see something online, but are not sure how would it will fit on you. My problem is that I'm short and have skinny legs, and my hips sometimes won't work with the jeans that I want. My online shopping always ends with me returning products back or keeping items I don't want to wear since they do not paint the flattering image I imagined. Later, I decided that I should buy boyfriend jeans. A few weeks ago, I found a solution with the help of Fitcode. Fitcode helps to find your favorite jeans by taking a small fit quiz. I'm wearing my 7 for Mankind boyfriend jeans, and I couldn't be happier after getting them. This pair of jeans is not just incredibly comfortable. I love how they look on me! I paired it with my oversized white shirt and my super comfy C/MEO Collective sandals from BNKR. Let me know, how can you find your perfect fit via online shopping?
Shirt (Similar) | Hervia   Jeans| Fitcode  Sandals | BNKR  

My experience with Makeup Meltdown

8:34 PM
Happy Friday, my lovely ones! I wish you all will have a great weekend! Today, I would love to share with you my experience with my new custom color lipstick or CC Lippie service. A month ago, I was found by a "Makeup Meltdown” company, that customizes the perfect lipstick for you. Like many ladies, I buy tons of lipstick in the never-ending quest to find one that captures exactly what I want. It was pretty easy to customize. You make an order on its Etsy store. Later, you get a questionnaire and some samples delivered to your home. After you pick one that works for you, the final product arrives in just a couple of days. It sounds like a lot of work, but you will be happy, because I can attest to that feeling! I wish I could customize some clothes online that I like. For example, if I do not like the color or small details, I could easily make the change. Hehe ;)

Eyewear | Polette

Minimalist Look

11:22 AM
Hey, guys! We're finally done with our apartment and I'm full of power to work! Since, I'm trying to  finish the book that I started to read two days ago, I felt like I was not even interested in the Internet today. Haha. What a weird thing ;) Never thought it could happen to me. I guess I got tired of social media. Sometimes it is good to disappear into your own small world. Anyway, we just set up my office table and I'm going to work on some photos for our small jewelry store. You should check it out >> here. Today, I thought about wearing something simple and minimal. I picked my Viparo leather singlet that I paired with my Chicwish culottes. To complete my minimalist look, nothing is better then Zara sandals.
Top | Viparo  Culottes | Chicwish  Sandals (Similar) |  Zappos  Cuff | Nasty Gal

Black is my new obsession

8:57 PM
Hi, babies! I can't believe we finally have internet! I can start to be active again! Can't wait to open my Poshmark store. Yay for having my blogging life back! I have like 1000 emails that I never replied. Oh, how terrible I am! Anyway, even without internet, we were able to visit the Public Library where I was able to find out that they have Russian books. I was so happy to find my favorite author's books. 
Yesterday, we went to meet one of our oldest friends. And since we went to a fancy restaurant, I decided to wear something classy and elegant. You never can go wrong with black clothing. It is not just classic, but it makes you look confident. I got my dress a couple of months ago and had no chance to show it until now. But since I got new pair of C/Meo shoes at Fashion Bunker, I thought, why not?! I'm so in love with my new sandals, not just because of my love of Australian brands, but also for being super comfortable. I walked all night and was not even tired. 
Dress | Topshop  Sandals | BNKR  Necklace | Dynamite  Clutch | Lucluc

NO Internet, but We're having fun!

4:05 PM
My dears, you probably lost me for a couple of days! I'm so sorry that didn't publish lately! I have so much material to share and now I'm out of schedule. And the reason, we have no internet at home (because AT&T sucks!). I'm writing from our local Public Library. At least we have the great news that we've finally moved into our new home! We have been busy these past couple of days making it nice! It is almost finished, though, I'm still waiting for my office desk and chair.

Since we do not have internet access, we decided to visit one of the most popular places near our town - 17 Mile Drive. It was super chilly there because of the weather, but it didn't stop us shooting another travel outfit ;) Don't judge my socks! LOL. For this travel look, I wore one my new denim maxi skirts from Akira and my vintage Forever 21 top.

Skirt | AKIRA  Top | Forever 21  Sunglasses | Polette

Lucky Chouette FW 2015 | Who Wore it Better?

3:20 PM
Hello, sweeties! I hope you are all having a great time! Since we are living so close to the beach, I'm pretty sure that you are gonna see a lot of beach pictures while we are here. Hehe. I can't complain! A few days ago, I got an awesome package from WannabK. I'm so in love with my new silk blouse! In my previous post, I mentioned that it is a retail store that carries a couple of luxurious Korean brands. Last Seoul Fashion Week, I was able to visit the Lucky Chouette F/W15 collection and wrote a review about this collection that you can read here. I might even have a picture of one of my favorite Korean models wearing this blouse - just will need to find among the files. You can look at the second pic to see what I'm talking about (pic source here). Hehe, it makes me think of American magazines with articles titled "Who Wore it Better?" LOL
Blouse | Lucky Chouette  via WannabK  Dress (Similar) |  Farfetch Shoes (Similar) |  here

First Fall in California

11:46 PM
Hi, sweeties! I'm so excited, because this is our first outdoor photo shoot in our new home town of California! The weather is definitely different here. Even when the sun shines, it can still be chilly. We didn't move into our new apartment yet (waiting on furniture delivery), but we are lucky to be staying at a friend's house. It's so nice to have friends who will let you stay as long as you need. It reminds me of my home country of Kazakstan. We have yet to discover much in our area. At least my husband is quite curious and was able to find a cool spot during his run around the neighborhood. 

To be honest, I feel like I already love our new home. Just the idea of living in beach town makes it seem like dreams come true. To live in this different climate, I'm wearing my new sweater from Akira. It is super cozy and sexy. I styled it with my mini skirt from Asos. Not to forget about cold wind in the evening, I wore a striped blazer that I got from my friend (She opened an Instagram store, make sure to check it out). To complete my grayish theme, I wore my favorite boots from Shellys London. For accessories, I chose my Lulu's hat and my new bag from Melie Bianco.
I wear:
Hat | Lulu's Top | Akira  Skirt (similar) | Lucky Brand  
Boots | Shellys London  Bag | meliebianco  Necklace | Kitsch

Kitsch Lookbook

1:24 PM
Hi, guys! This time we decided to create something unusual. We do not make super proof editorial photo shoots, but we like to be creative. I wish I could write some creative text to capture our vision in words. Anyway, at least you can see our pictures.  A few weeks ago, I got a wonderful package from Kitsch. As soon as I opened it, I knew that I wanted to do a lookbook. To capture the elegance of the pieces, I wore everything in black. To bring some minimalistic style, I edited to black and white. The setting was a quiet patio with hummingbirds hovering above us. Everything was quite lovely this day.
I wear: 
Dress (Similar) | Aqua   Hat | Forever 21  Necklace & Earrings Set | My Kitsch   
Necklace | My Kitsch  Ring | My Kitsch   Flats | Topshop

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