Antelope Island Beach

6:18 PM
Hi, babies! You won't believe me, but we're in San Francisco right now. We just came back from all of our meetings that we had today. We met with one of my old buddy's that I know from Korea. He is a photographer. Check out his portfolio under Dante Miguel. If you are ever in this area, definitely meet up with him! Later, we met up with my dear blogger/vlogger Kaitlyn, we planned a meet-up for a while and finally had a wonderful KBBQ dinner together! 

As you know from my previous post last week, we visited Antelope Island in Utah. I didn't share that we actually walked to the stinky beach and my husband "swam" in the Great Salt Lake among all the squirmy brine shrimp. Before he went to the water, I asked him to snap another travel outfit of mine! For this shot, I wore my new Dynamite dress. I bought it a month ago, but I didn't have a chance to wear it yet. I think this presented the perfect occasion to wear it. Sky blue color is not just one of my favorite colors - it looked fabulous with the endlessly clear blue sky!
Dress | Dynamite   Bag (Similar) | YesStyle  Sandals (Similar) | Universal

Travel Outfit / Great Salt Lake, Utah

1:20 AM
Hello, babies! After a small recharge period, I'm happy to show you more from our trip. As you know, we stopped at Salt Lake City, Utah. I absolutely loved our stay there. If you ever go, please visit Antelope Island. It has amazing nature scenes. You can walk along the beach, hike, ride a bike, and even swim with brine shrimp and float on the salt water if you are adventurous like my husband ;) LOL. These pictures were taken on this island. Since it is a lot of hiking and walking, I thought to create a chic travel outfit. I wore one my favorite oversize shirts (similar here) by pairing it with my new asymmetrical skirt from Fashion Frenzzie. To complete my walking outfit, I wore my new New Balance sneakers from What are your favorite sneakers when traveling? 
Shirt | Similar  Skirt | Fashion Frenzzie  Sneakers |

September 2015: Fall in Chicago | c/o Lulu's

8:07 PM
Happy Monday, sweeties! I hope you are all doing well! Greetings from Utah. Last night, we had pretty crazy drive from Colorado Springs, Colorado to Provo, Utah. We had a small adventure during our late night trip! We almost killed three deer at one point.  We also saw what looked like a cougar leaping across the road as well.  What a safari!  Before that though, we pulled off in Green River, Utah for gas and a hotel, but there was no availability at all.  On the way out, the police stopped us for not turning our lights on as we rolled out of the gas station. The policeman was merciful by letting us go with just a warning. Ugh.  We decided to drive another 2 hours to get close to Salt Lake City. After booking online, we arrived around 2 AM to our hotel and had a very deep sleep. All the pictures and videos you can find on my fast social media like Snapchat.  Btw, let me know if you have one!

During our stop in Chicago, I could not resist shooting another Fall Season outfit.  This time, I chose to wear something cozy, yet fashionable.  A leather jacket is a must-have every fall/ spring season. Mine is quite old one from Forever 21, but I still love it. For the main item, I chose a blue two-piece dress from Lulu's. (Hurry up, it is on sale!) I am pretty sure that I will wear the crop part as a perfect cozy crop sweater! To complete my chic look, I wore my best high heeled sandals. 
Two-piece Dress | Lulu's       Biker Jacket | Forever 21    Heels | Michael Kors

September 2015: Chicago Style | c/o Lulu's

8:38 AM
Hi, babies! A couple of days ago, we went to Chicago for 3 nights. I promise again that I will make a new blog post for what you should see in Chicago. As crazy tourists, we walked a lot and did all  the must-do things in Chicago! (Even ate some crazy-heavy food). After walking around the first day in our neighborhood, I got inspired for how to matchup with Chicago business style.
I chose to layer-up my man suit (that I tailored a few weeks ago) with chic grey sleeveless coat from Lulu's. To bring some feminine vibes to my man style, I wore red sandals from Lulu's too. 
Coat | Lulu's   Suit (similar) |  Revolve   Eyewear | Polette   Sandals | Lulu's

September 2015: What to wear for travel | NYC

5:40 AM
Hello, guys! Ever since we started our journey, I feel quite exhausted! If you are watching my snapchat or Instagram, you probably have seen where we are right now. Before I tell you about our fun trip to Chicago, I would like to share another travel outfit I wore when we were in New York.

This time of the year is very wonderful because of the weather. I think back to my last trip to NYC a year ago. It can be hot during the day time,  but if you are walking around inside, it might be a little chilly. I would definitely advise you to wear a light sweater. I got mine from Lulu's. I just love that it looks a bit oversized, which opens up to my shoulders, making me feel sexy. For this short trip, I wore my new Toulula pleated skirt that matches perfectly with my Suecomma Bonnie sneakers from WannabK. What is your must-have for when you are traveling?
Sweater | Lulu's      Skirt | Toulula    Sneakers | WannabK

September 2015: Fall Season c/o Dynamite in Philadelphia

11:49 PM
Summer is almost over, which is hard to believe living in a hot state like Virginia. How about some inspirational must-haves for this Fall season? I know my fellow fashionistas and I can’t wait to wear our leather goodies and boots, and breathe some crisp air. Dark hue clothes are welcomed back to our wardrobe. I am happy to pull out my foremost Fall outfit complimented by my favorite items from Dynamite. My first Dynamite pick is ablack tee with lace details. A little touch of lace encourages a sexy and feminine feeling. My other choice is a faux leather mini skirt in olive color. It’s just a perfect combination of must-have colors this Fall! To complete my look, I relied on a timeless staple by wearing a faux leather biker jacket. (Take a look at this and this one!) Another piece that you can’t go wrong with, no matter what, is a wool hat! (Similar one you can find here.) You’ll thank me later!
Top | Dynamite     Skirt | Dynamite    Biker Jacket | Forever 21  
Necklace | Dynamite  Hat | Forever 21  Eyewear | Polette

September 2015: Travel with Lulu*s Adventure /Brooklyn Bridge

5:46 PM
Hey, babies! You know, I'm having a pretty crazy time, since we started to pack our bags to move out! We are leaving today! Yeah!  Before our move, we made small trips to Philadelphia (I promise to make a travel post), Connecticut and a couple of hours in NYC. When we arrived to NYC, I knew what I wanted. I wanted to see the Brooklyn Bridge. Even though it is always overcrowded there, this place is magical!  Have you ever been there?

For this special occasion, I created the perfect feminine travel outfit! A combination of a lace white Dynamite top and front button A-line skirt from Lulu's. Since the A-line skirt has become a must-have item, I thought, why not?! To not look similar to other blogger babies, I chose a midi skirt. My favorite MTNG lace-up shoes, that you saw in many my pics on Instagram, are from Lulu's as well! And my new super cute bag is from Dynamite. 

You will see more outfits with Lulu's in my upcoming adventures to Chicago & Kansas! Just stay tuned with us on Social Media!
      Top | Dynamite  Skirt | Lulu*s  Flats | Lulu*s  Purse | Dynamite  
Hat | Forever 21  Eyewear | Polette

September 2015: Men Style with Customellow Print Shirt | WannabK

7:08 AM
Hello, babies! Since we barely have time to work on photo shoots, we have to be opportunistic and a little spontaneous to show you my latest! Today, I wanted to create a men's style outfit. I wore my husband's pants that had been tailored to me. I'm so in love with my "new pants" that are incredibly comfortable. I find it fun to sometimes repurpose items. To complete my man style, I chose to wear my new Customellow shirt. I already mentioned before that you can get Korean brands at WannabK. I'm a big fan of Korean Fashion and very much miss Korean shopping! It is definitely my paradise! 
Shirt | Customellow    Pants (Similar) |  Perry Ellis  
Shoes (Similar) | New Look    Watch | Daniel Wellington
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