July 2015: You can always look like $1K with a $50 dress!

1:16 PM
Hello babies!  The last time I was folding clothes, I thought that maybe I should toss or give away some of my stuff that looks pretty used.  My next thought was, "Why do I love this shirt so much?  I don't need it, so why keep it?"  I'm pretty sure many of you have thought the same thing before! Some of my clothes are so old that they barely fit.  I still love them anyway.  It's not like anything was incredibly expensive either.  I would never buy anything over $1K.  I'm sure somebody will call me crazy or ask, "Don't you ever want to have Celine or Chanel bag?"  But you know, I don't!  There are so many other things in life that you can spend your money on instead of one bag!  There isn't strong enough reason to buy these bags and clothes!  Fashion goes fast.  Everything changes within the blink of an eye.   Why do you want this bag?  Because all other famous bloggers or celebrities wear it!  Good advertising makes us want things that we do not need!  Today, the world gives us unlimited resources and opportunities to make an impact in the fashion world.  Clothing stores like Poshmark, Chicwish, and Zara keep pace with fashion at affordable prices.  You can always look like $1K with a $50 dress!  My mom always told me, that during the Soviet Union days, there were not so many stores where you can find trendy items.  It was hard to look different and stylish.  We are lucky in today's world to be able to express our style.
In the spirit of my long thought, I want to show my next elegant look where I spent less than $100. Chicwish has very affordable prices for any fashionista.  Their clothes are not only cheap, but also very stylish and of great quality! My mint mini-bag was totally free after collecting coins at IFCHIC. For pumps, I chose my wedding shoes that I bought at Zappos (2 years ago!). 
Dress: Chicwish     Pumps | Zappos     Mini bag | Ifchic 

July 2015: "What does Home mean to me?"

2:33 PM
You know, I have been living out of my home country (Kazakhstan) for about 7 years, and most people ask me if I miss my home. Most of the time, I say, "Yes, I do! I miss my family, my friends, traditions and everything else there that is important to me!"  Even so, I am comfortable being in new places. I adjust easily. Maybe it's because of my Kazakh nomad heritage. Lol. Every time I move to a new place, I feel that it is my new home. I asked myself today: "What does Home mean to me?"

Home is the place where I'm safe, where music tells me to dance, where nature captures me in her magic circle, where people make me feel happy and make me smile, where inspiration grows and spreads around me, and most important, where my love (husband) motivates me to live and create. I love and enjoy to discover new places, all of which I can call my home!
I wear:   Headphones | Ankit       Ice Cream Phone Case | Ankit    Romper | Missguided

July 2015: How to dress to impress

4:53 AM
New Week! New outfit! Today's outfit is inspired by Asian Style, aka Korean Style. You know that before I came to the USA, I lived in South Korea for about a year and returned there for Seoul Fashion Week this past March. Korea was the first place where I started loving to mix and match! Moving to the USA changed my style to more feminine, discreet and classic. It's not so bad, but sometimes I miss the Korean Street Fashion influence on my wardrobe. As soon as I got my new Chicwish skirt, I thought about Korea! I wanted to create something cute, fun and beautiful. By the way, they love to wear cute socks with virtually any kind of shoes. I got mine during my last trip to Seoul. If you would like to have a pair for yourself, be sure to visit our store Trendhood, since we have some cute socks there!

Skirt | Chicwish  White Crop top (Similar) | New Look  Lip Bag (Similar) | Oasap Eyewear | Polette

July 2015: Men Inspired Look

4:55 AM
I keep experimenting with my outfits. Today, I want to share my menswear-inspired outfit. I think it is so different from all my feminine looks that you have seen on my blog!  To not stray too far from men's style, I paired my classic Forever 21 pants with my new striped shirt from Style Moi. Since I do not own any masculine looking shoes, I went with my Adidas Stan Smith sneakers that incorporate a boyish style. A big watch like Daniel Wellington and a modern design bag completes by menswear theme. Maybe I should have found a satchel? That's another name for a male purse =P
Blouse | Style Moi   Pants | Forever 21  Sneakers | Stan Smith  Watch | Daniel Wellington

July 2015: Hippie Fashion / California Style

6:15 AM
As you know, we're moving pretty soon to California! I can't describe how thrilled and exciteI feel! There is a great deal of the US I have never seen before, so we are planning to take a road trip  across the country! You can always watch my snap videos on Snapchat (@queenhorsfall)! I do not publish there too often, because there is nothing special, but when I travel, I do it for sure! Today's post is being inspired by Hippie Fashion / California Style. I don't know how you picture it, but I have an image how every California girl looks! Haha, maybe that's a bit stereotypical! I guess it is what it is! For this look, I'm wearing a white tribal dress from SheIn, Polette Sunglasses (grab your 30% off with code: Coconut), Trendhood triangle rings, a Forever 21 hat and mini bag! Give me a shout out if you want us to possibly swing through your hometown and meet.  No promises (my husband is in charge of driving), but it could be fun!
Dress | SheIn     Bag | Lulu's   Eyewear | Polette    Hat | Forever 21     Rings | Trendhood

July 2015: Thinking Out Loud

4:55 AM
Hi, guys!  Have you ever questioned why should you should continue blogging ? Does anybody truly read me? Does my style inspire anybody? Am i just wasting my time? I have been trying pretty hard to engage my followers to read my blog or my Instagram. It has been very hard! Most people just keep writing the same comments from post to post. But lately, I am finally seeing my true readers, who actually read what I think and what I ask! I really appreciate you guys!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE & SUPPORT! If you didn't know, my editor / husband has been helping me with my English writing skills since I've spoken English for only a few years!  Knowing that you, my lovely readers, continue to read, makes us even more inspired!!!

Today, I'm wearing a Mr Gugu & Miss Go printed dress that I paired with one of my favorite vintage coats. For details, I chose my new marble Polette eyewear and new phone case from Mr Gugu & Miss Go. It was kind of a rainy day, but I thought this outfit was perfect for warm summer rain.  
Dress | Mr Gugu & Miss Go  Phone Case | Mr Gugu & Miss Go  
Eyewear | Polette  Sneakers | Adidas Triangle Ring | Trendhood

July 2015: Think about location / Portland

4:25 AM
Happy Monday guys! You know that few weeks ago, I went on small trip to Portland, Maine. Even though it was a stressful trip, we still had fun with our friends celebrating Independence Day together. Unfortunately, we had no chance to see a lot of Portland, but at least we organized a small excursion to the oldest lighthouse in Maine - Portland Head Light. As soon as we entered the gate, I knew that it would be a great location to shoot my few outfits. Of course, before leaving, I organized what I would wear and how to style it. My husband and I have been trying to have interesting photo shoots lately. The idea of spicing up the blog shoots has definitely led to it being more successful! 

Thank you to my supportive husband for creating beautiful images for my followers!  For this small photo shoot, I picked one of new dresses from Larmoni. They have the cutest dresses I 've ever seen! This one particular really makes me smile! My favorite shoes - Adidas Original - are my go-to/ must-have item in my wardrobe. I love love love them so much! For accessories, I chose my new mini bag that I got from Ifchic! I don't know where I developed this big obsession over mini bags! And lastly, i cannot leave the house without my travel camera! This camera (Samsunng NX 300) | similar link here is another essential item for all bloggers who love to take pics and post them right away on Instagram!

Dress | Larmoni    Bag | Ifchic    Sneakers | Adidas    Rings | Nasty Gal

June 2015: Accessories are important!

7:21 PM
Hi, sweeties! I hope your week has been great! I have been feeling tired lately. I have no idea why. Maybe it's because the days are so busy, like this one. In terms of news, our photographer for IFBK is in Berlin to cover MBFW for us! I feel so excited, because it is the first time we are covering fashion week in Germany! Stay with us if you want to see our street style pics.  Today's post is about why accessories are important in your closet. When I wasn't into blogging, I never paid much attention to small details like earrings, rings or bags.  Being a style blogger has taught me that without accessories, your wardrobe isn't complete! Here I'm wearing my favorite pants from Missguided that I paired with an Olsenboye top. For my accessory selection, I picked my Daniel Wellington watch, Trendhood bracelet and Lavish deer necklace. 
Watch | Daniel Wellington  Top | Olsenboye  Pants | Missguided  
 Necklace | Lavisha   Bracelet | Trendhood

July 2015: How to mix pastel with neon

4:35 AM
Hello, my sweet ladies! Today I decided to show you how to mix your favorite spring/ summer colors, such as pastel and neon. I love to wear pastels, but this time I discovered my new color combo by mixing with neon. For this outfit, I picked a nude top from Banana Republic and paired it with geometric neon Style Moi shorts. To complete my look, I chose my Daniel Wellington watch, pastel bag and sandals from JustFab. Don't forget that you can get 15% off at Daniel Wellington with the promo code 'QUEENHDW'.  What is your favorite color combo?
Top | Banana Republic    Shorts | Style Moi     Bag | Just Fab    Watch | Daniel Wellington

July 2015: Our stressful flight with US Airways

8:05 AM
Hey, sweeties! I'm back from our small trip to Portland, ME. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. We had, like always, some travel stress courtesy of US Airways. They canceled our flight (that's not the first time) from Philadelphia to Portland and same situation on the way back.  The service center was even closed too. We were frustrated and very tired from running from one gate to another and hoping to get on the plane. Sadly, we were transferred to another airport in a different state and our friend had to drive 1.5 hours to come get us. If you watched my snapchat, you probably saw. Anyway, after we lost almost a day at the airport, we tried to catch up with our plans to eat lobsters, oysters, sushi and drink lots of Maine craft beer. We did not do so much sight-seeing, but we had an amazing time with our new friends. In my next post, you will see my new pictures that we took at Portland Head Lighthouse Park. 

Today, I'm wearing a floral dress from Style Moi. I love floral prints a lot, no matter if it is summer or winter. A chiffon maxi dress is the best way to look great in hot weather. 
Dress | Style Moi   Bag |  JustFab  Sandals | Shoedazzle 
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