Seoul Fashion Week OOTD (part 1)

6:59 AM
Hi, my sweeties! Last month, I went to Seoul for Fashion Week. It was great to be back in Korea, because I feel at home there. Normally, I do a lot of posing for street style, but this time of the year, it was kind of chilly and I enjoyed the events by staying inside, running from show to show. 
But sometimes, I went out and showed off my outfits. Finally, one photographer sent to me some of his pictures. I was dressed a little bit in gothic style with pop-up pink sunglasses and blue shoes. For this day, I decided to wear my designer friend's piece CG_ Atelier that he created last season. Since it was chilly, I wore a striped dress underneath, along with skinny pants. For accessories, I picked Polette eyewear, a Susanna Galanis necklace and a Ms Little Bag.
     One-piece | here     Necklace | here     Eyewear | here     Bag | here

Spring 2015: Hawkster Style

6:24 AM
Hello, my dears! I hope you had a fantastic day! Today, I'm wearing a sweater from my friend who made it by hand in New York! Yeah Hawkster Life. This sweater is my favorite because of the front pockets. I guess the pockets appeal to my habit of always carrying around my cell phone.  Anyway, I decided to wear something more casual for this shoot, so I can put some attention on this fun sweater. I was hoping that denim shorts and high heeled sandals would capture a New Yorker's city style. Let me know what do you think!
Sweater | here   Shorts | here   Sandals | here

Spring 2015: Yellow Gold with Susanna Galanis necklace

9:34 AM
Hi, dear ones! I want to share with you one of the beautiful photo shoots I did during my last visit to Seoul. I met such a wonderful and talented photographer and here is her creation. Don't forget to visit her page: Lian Olga Portfolio.
For this photo shoot, I decided to wear a crop top with midi skirt from Asos. But the point was to give an accent on beautiful jewelry by NY based designer Susanna Galanis
BTW guys, I was featured on Farfetch's Google Plus. Yeah! 
Coat | here   Skirt | here  Necklace | here   

Spring 2015: Shirt Dress

5:45 AM
Hi, sweet peas! I want to thank my lovely readers for continuing to read and visit my blog again and again. It is very important to have a connection with your followers. Most of the time, I am trying to talk to my readers on Instagram. It is time to hear my blogspot followers.

For my next post, I would love to answer some of your questions.  You can ask whatever you would like to know about me or maybe ask some styling advise! I always tell my readers to not be afraid to ask! Since I'm always online and will definitely find time to help you on things like what to wear for a date with your boy or even give some blogging tips. Looking forward to your questions =).

Today I chose to wear a lovely dress from Style Moi, Lulu's sandals (btw in my opinion they have the best shoes) and some jewelry that you can buy at my store Queenhorsfall Closet soon. 

Dress | here    Sandals | here    Bracelet | here    Lipstick | here

Spring 2015: Floral Pants & Bralette

6:41 AM
I'm definitely ready for the hot summer! Even though we have had rainy weather here, it didn't stop me from creating a summer date outfit. I paired my new Style Moi floral printed palazzo pants with a VS bralette. This combination worked perfectly with a striped blazer that can keep me warm when the temperature dips at night. For accessories, I picked a green tassel gemstone necklace from Style Moi and my lovely vintage clutch. What do you think about this kind of mix?
Pants | here     Necklace | here    Blazer | here    Bralette | here

Spring 2015: How To Colorblock

5:06 AM
Color-blocking is the best way to create a simply stylish outfit.  You can play with couple of different hues to color-block your outfit from head to toe. 

Here is another outfit that showcases color-blocking. I picked a wonderful dress from Lulus that had already two of my favorite palettes: mint and peach.  To not look boring, I paired it with my minty pumps from and matching bracelets that I made myself. A yellow clutch was the right addition to make the look cohesive. 
But if you are daring enough and not afraid to experiment, you should pick a color that is completely unexpected. Maybe next time I will try to experiment more!

Dress | here    Blazer | here   Pumps | here
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