Spring 2015: Japanese Blossom

5:48 AM
Hi, sweeties! Today's post was inspired by Japanese Cherry Blossoms. I was thinking, what would my life be like if we were living in Japan?! I am not sure if i would like to live there per se, but I would definitely visit with 100% certainty. For this post, I picked to wear a pale pink knit sweater from H&M and midi skirt from Chicwish. You know that Japanese style is always unique and always presenting something unexpected. I thought that a Susanna Galanis necklace would work perfectly with this romantic floral look. What do you think?
Sweater (similar)  | here     Necklace | here      Skirt | here     Sandals (similar) | here

Spring 2015: Retro Style

6:10 AM
Hello my dearest ones.  I have been always interested in seeing old pictures of my mom and aunt because they jump back to a different time, culture, and mentality.  It's fun to see my mom wearing the hot trends of the 70s in Kazakhstan.  It moves me to be inspired  and creates my sense of modern retro style.
Instead of big dot dresses from my mom's pictures, I choose a red pleated skirt from Chicwish, paired it with my vintage striped blouse.  The best part of the look is Susanna Galanis necklaces that has a special aura about it.  I love taking pictures for my blog.  Maybe one day my children will look at them and wonder about fashion in the past, and will perhaps be inspired for their own version of retro style. 
Blouse | here    Necklaces | here   Skirt | here    Sandals | here

Spring 2015: Classic Pastel

5:01 AM
Hi lovelies! Today, I picked a romantic look. I used my color blocking style for creating a wonderful pastel outfit. My favorite color of pastels is mint, or what we also call "Tiffany Blue" because of  the minty ribbon/ box that Tiffany & Co has used for many years as a hallmark of their brand. The other color that is most beloved by ladies is lilac. I love this color because it is the best way to show the delicate nature of your character. To keep the theme classic, I chose a statement necklaces by Susanna Galanis, who creates really amazing jewelry! I wear Oasap hat, Chicwish top in mint & Stylenanda lila pants. What is your favorite pastel color?
Top | here      Pants | here      Hat | here      Necklace | here     Pumps | here

Selfie Contest: Win 100 Asos Gift Voucher

5:30 PM
Hi, guys! Are you ready to be nominated "Best Selfie in 3D" You probably noticed that I was testing a new app Fyuse​ these days on my instagram (here)! We decided to run a cool contest for you, and the Winner  can win ASOS​ gift voucher (100 British Pound).

Here is simple steps:                        
1. Download the Fyuse App on App Store /Google Play >>>http://fyu.se/                        
2. Create an Account                    
3. Take your best shot at a Fyuse Selfie                                            
4. Hashtag #Bestselfiein3d              

The winner will be announced on Saturday!

Spring 2015: Game IT

1:09 PM
Hi, sweeties! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! I'm running a new contest next week and the winner will get an Asos Gift Voucher. Stay tuned to find out!

Also, I decided that I would run my snapchat video by mixing languages so that my Russian audience can understand me too. I never thought that filming your life could be so addicting. Haha.. Anyway, I will give you some blogging tips, maybe shopping tips there too. 

Today, I'm wearing a yellow coat that I got in South Korea. I rocked it with my new dress, new sunglasses and mini bag from Oasap. After a long photo shoot, I was absolutely spent.
It is why some of pictures look funny ;)  I was going stir crazy!

Shop At My Store : New In | Jewels

5:05 AM
Hello, my sweeties! Happy Friday! How are you doing? I hope you did not forget that I'm still running a GIVEAWAY (link here). Also, some of you probably know that I have my small online store! When I was in South Korea, I bought some cute goods from there.  Now you can buy at my store. Be sure to check it out!>>>here. 

Spring 2015: Summer Wish List

8:41 AM
Hello, sweeties! The sun is shining here and it's getting warmer!  I'm very sorry for not publishing my outfits lately.  I guess I have a small style crisis. Haha, when you have too many clothes, you start to panic that you have nothing to wear! LOL. It is not because you really have nothing to wear, it happens because my style is changing every season and I am losing interest in wearing what was in the past.

Today, I decided to make my little wish list of what I want to order and what I need. At first, I thought that I should order some cute tops, blouses, skirt and definitely a new romper (after making this list, I ended up buying Long Shirt, Pattern Top and Stripped Shorts at Forever 21).  The romper I wear here is very old, but it remains one of my favorites. The only thing that I hate about rompers is that when you want to go to bathroom, you need to take off the whole romper. It's not really comfortable if you plan  on drinking and need to use the rest room.  Hehe.


2:01 PM
Hi, my sweeties! Here is my awesome giveaway for you guys! I cooperated with an amazing Tibetan designer Gyamjo Jewels from Tokyo and he gave me the special opportunity of giving away one of his masterpieces to one of my followers!

How to enter:

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5. Leave a blog comment: Reason why you should win, country you are from and  name + email.

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Gyamjo Jewels

5:05 PM
Hi, my sweeties! Here is my awesome giveaway for you guys! I cooperated with an amazing Tibetan designer Gyamjo Jewels from Tokyo and he gave me the special opportunity of giving away one of his masterpieces to one of my followers!

Here is a little story behind this incredible piece:

Inspired by the prayer flag culture, which are found only in Tibetan society. Prayer flags are an important part of Tibetan culture. These prayer flags are found on the hills, monasteries, bridges, mountain passes, sacred places, on the roofs and houses where Tibetan people live.

Lung-ta prayer flags are of square or rectangular shape, and are connected by a long string or thread on top of each flag. They are commonly hung on a diagonal line from high to low between two objects (e.g. a rock and the top of a pole) in high places such as the tops of monasteries, stupas, and mountain passes.  Traditionally, prayer flags come in sets of five: one in each of five colors. The five colors are arranged from left to right in a specific order: blue, white, red, green, and yellow.
It is believed that by hanging the lung-ta flag removes your obstacles and increases you luck and fortune. And also brings happiness , peace , success & blessings to all the sentient beings. 
Made from  silver 925 w/ and 18k gold coating. 

Seoul Fashion Week OOTD (part 1)

6:59 AM
Hi, my sweeties! Last month, I went to Seoul for Fashion Week. It was great to be back in Korea, because I feel at home there. Normally, I do a lot of posing for street style, but this time of the year, it was kind of chilly and I enjoyed the events by staying inside, running from show to show. 
But sometimes, I went out and showed off my outfits. Finally, one photographer sent to me some of his pictures. I was dressed a little bit in gothic style with pop-up pink sunglasses and blue shoes. For this day, I decided to wear my designer friend's piece CG_ Atelier that he created last season. Since it was chilly, I wore a striped dress underneath, along with skinny pants. For accessories, I picked Polette eyewear, a Susanna Galanis necklace and a Ms Little Bag.
     One-piece | here     Necklace | here     Eyewear | here     Bag | here

Spring 2015: Hawkster Style

6:24 AM
Hello, my dears! I hope you had a fantastic day! Today, I'm wearing a sweater from my friend who made it by hand in New York! Yeah Hawkster Life. This sweater is my favorite because of the front pockets. I guess the pockets appeal to my habit of always carrying around my cell phone.  Anyway, I decided to wear something more casual for this shoot, so I can put some attention on this fun sweater. I was hoping that denim shorts and high heeled sandals would capture a New Yorker's city style. Let me know what do you think!
Sweater | here   Shorts | here   Sandals | here

Spring 2015: Mini Dress for going out

6:28 AM
Guys, I have exciting news for you.  This week I am running a new giveaway! Stay tuned and find out what I have for you!
I decided to create something to wear for a party night.  It's not really connected to Monday, but this beautiful dress from Style Moi brought back memories of when I used to party all night. If you didn't know, I met my future husband at the club. Who knows, maybe it is your turn to meet your future dream guy on the dance floor? This dress is definitely going to bring you some attention. 
The striped Jacket from Asos is probably my favorite item of the month. It works great to keep you warm at night. For some sass, I picked blue sandals from Tobi. Would you wear this dress for a night out?
Dress | here     Blazer | here     Sandals | here    Jewels | here

Spring 2015: Elegance Overloaded

6:10 AM
Hello, my sweeties! I hope you had an amazing weekend! Here is another photo session from my stay in Seoul. This shoot was done with photographer Olga Lian.  We thought to create something elegant and at same time fun. A beautiful and luxurious pearl necklace from Susanna Galanis worked pretty well for this photo shoot. Red lipstick and red sandals captured the strong sexuality of the formless oversized jumpsuit. Daniel Wellington watches are the best way to stay super classy. 
Overall | here   Necklace | here  Sandals | here  Watch | here

Spring 2015: Yellow Gold with Susanna Galanis necklace

9:34 AM
Hi, dear ones! I want to share with you one of the beautiful photo shoots I did during my last visit to Seoul. I met such a wonderful and talented photographer and here is her creation. Don't forget to visit her page: Lian Olga Portfolio.
For this photo shoot, I decided to wear a crop top with midi skirt from Asos. But the point was to give an accent on beautiful jewelry by NY based designer Susanna Galanis
BTW guys, I was featured on Farfetch's Google Plus. Yeah! 
Coat | here   Skirt | here  Necklace | here   

Spring 2015: Shirt Dress

5:45 AM
Hi, sweet peas! I want to thank my lovely readers for continuing to read and visit my blog again and again. It is very important to have a connection with your followers. Most of the time, I am trying to talk to my readers on Instagram. It is time to hear my blogspot followers.

For my next post, I would love to answer some of your questions.  You can ask whatever you would like to know about me or maybe ask some styling advise! I always tell my readers to not be afraid to ask! Since I'm always online and will definitely find time to help you on things like what to wear for a date with your boy or even give some blogging tips. Looking forward to your questions =).

Today I chose to wear a lovely dress from Style Moi, Lulu's sandals (btw in my opinion they have the best shoes) and some jewelry that you can buy at my store Queenhorsfall Closet soon. 

Dress | here    Sandals | here    Bracelet | here    Lipstick | here

Spring 2015: Floral Pants & Bralette

6:41 AM
I'm definitely ready for the hot summer! Even though we have had rainy weather here, it didn't stop me from creating a summer date outfit. I paired my new Style Moi floral printed palazzo pants with a VS bralette. This combination worked perfectly with a striped blazer that can keep me warm when the temperature dips at night. For accessories, I picked a green tassel gemstone necklace from Style Moi and my lovely vintage clutch. What do you think about this kind of mix?
Pants | here     Necklace | here    Blazer | here    Bralette | here

Spring 2015: How To Colorblock

5:06 AM
Color-blocking is the best way to create a simply stylish outfit.  You can play with couple of different hues to color-block your outfit from head to toe. 

Here is another outfit that showcases color-blocking. I picked a wonderful dress from Lulus that had already two of my favorite palettes: mint and peach.  To not look boring, I paired it with my minty pumps from Shoes.com and matching bracelets that I made myself. A yellow clutch was the right addition to make the look cohesive. 
But if you are daring enough and not afraid to experiment, you should pick a color that is completely unexpected. Maybe next time I will try to experiment more!

Dress | here    Blazer | here   Pumps | here

Spring 2015: Romantic Pastel

5:57 AM
Pastels are my favorite every year and every season, but even more so in spring! My look for today was inspired by pure blue skies. An oversized sky blue coat by Oasap perfectly captures the feeling of fresh air and soft clouds. The ideal match for this coat was a striped midi skirt that I got on sale at Asos a few months ago. I think that this elegant and romantic outfit creates a wonderful spirit around me. 
Coat | here     Top | here     Skirt | here     Pumps | here    Rings | here

Casual Monday

10:13 AM
Hello Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter celebration with your families and friends! I cannot wait for this time for us when we have children. I'm not sure how to celebrate Easter, but I would love to learn. When I was a little girl, we used to have an old sweet lady next to our house and she always brought something delicious to us on Easter Sunday. Those were some sweet memories from childhood ;)

I decided to wear something more casual and comfortable this time. It has been very hard getting back to my fashionable routine after South Korea. Oh, I miss that crazy place already! My friend from NY started her business and she creates cool sweatshirts Hawkster Life. I was lucky to be gifted one.  Her sweatshirts are comfy wear for this lovely spring weather. You can find out more about her brand here.  To keep with my casual theme, I picked distressed jeans from Sheinside and cool sneakers from Oasap

Sweatshirt | here   Jeans | here   Sneakers | here

Back to my Blogging Life | Happy Easter

5:15 PM
Hello, my sweethearts! Finally, I am back to my blogging life and posting my daily outfits! I'm very sorry for being kind of late publishing my Seoul Fashion Week updates, but do not worry, I will do it soon. I promise... =)
Today, we had such a lovely, sunny day in VA. By the way, Happy Easter! Unfortunately, we do not celebrate it, but I hope you have a great celebration! 

Being here is a huge switch after the chilly weather in Korea, but I'm happy to be back home with my husband and being able to get back to my normal routine.  

I paired my new striped romper | Lulus with a wine red jacket | Sheinside over it. To give some chic vibes, I wore a super cute watermelon clutch that looks perfect with red sandals from Lulus. Also, I love my new glasses from Polette. The best part of these glasses is the design! The Dinosaurs is hand-polished acetate. It's a real "savoir faire". You can find a video how they make it here.

Romper | here      Eyewear | here     Jacket | here      Clutch | here    Sandals | here
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