Wide Pants to elongate my silhouette

7:29 PM
Everybody loves to look slim and skinny, and it's is a big reason for why we choose to wear skinny jeans/ pants all the time.  What about wide leg pants?! I have been trying to buy these a couple of times, but I was never quite pleased with how they looked. First, I felt that they make me look too wide.  Second, I guessed they only looked great on tall people. But I think I was mistaken. I just did not find the right pair!

Luckily, I explored another online store to give a chance to this awesome trend like wide legged pants. I finally found a winner from TOBI shop! I loved how they elongated my silhouette. I chose to dress them in minimalist way to keep my look classy and elegant. For statement items, I picked my new pearl bracelet by Castro and an Oasap clutch.
Top | here     Pants | here      Bracelet | here      Clutch | here

Patterns for Spring

6:50 AM
We are in the middle of the winter, but I'm thinking of what I'm going to wear this spring (hehe). Here is my list of my favorite trends for what I'm planning to show this upcoming spring season: 
-Color blocking. Oh, yeah babe. It is the best way to look unique. 
-Houndstooth prints. Forever trendy since the fifties.
-Bold florals. Flowers on your clothes, accessories in your heart.
-White. I don't know anybody who doesn't like it. (well, maybe not a gothic person)

According to my trend list, I decided to create something that will have all of my fashionable picks. A houndstooth printed dress | Blackfive with a white long blazer captures a chic, elegant and classy silhouette. A floral statement necklace, a tote hand bag | Amiclub and stylish blue heels  | Tobi feature color blocking in my outfit. 
Dress | here       Sandals | here     Bag | here

Elegant Monday

9:46 AM
Today, I would love to talk about the uniqueness and versatility of black. When I lived back home in Kazakhstan, black clothing was a regular wear for every day. And to be honest, I always hated when people were wearing black all the time. I thought that it looked a bit boring and depressing, with everybody looking similar. After living in Europe and South Korea, I learned how to wear colorful and mixed items, because it gave me the emotions of feeling happy and fresh. Nowadays, living in the US, I'm back to choosing elegant black clothes again. However, this time, I pick very carefully what I want to wear! Everybody knows that black makes everybody look amazing, slimmer and super classic. 

To not look monotonous, I always pay attention to fabrics, texture and accessories. For total black, I wore a black blazer with ruffle hem | Yoins and skinny pants | Nordstrom Rack. For accessories, I chooe my statement sunglasses and tote bag byYoins.
Blazer | here       Pants | here       Bag | here     Tatoo | here

Where do you go to find your seasonal inspiration?

7:28 PM
Hi, my lovelies! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! It has been raining all day here.  How is the weather in your home town?

Since Virginia winter is not really true "winter" weather (based on my home of Kazakhstan!), I think today's outfit is perfect for spring season, and even fall when the time comes. Even though we're still in January, it's never too early to start searching for inspiration for the spring. I chose to wear one of my new mini dress | Sheinside  (I really like it because of simplicity and long sleeves), a long trench coat | Style Moi (one of my best buys of January) and a snake printed tote bag | Yoins (such a statement piece).  When I first assembled everything together, I felt like something was missing in this elegant look. To create a stylish flair, I added a fedora hat, overknee socks and heavy boots. Any thoughts? Where do you go to find your seasonal inspiration? 
Dress | here  Coat | here  Bag | here  Hat | Forever 21

What to wear for Valentine's Day

9:13 AM
Hi, guys! It might be a bit early to talk about Valentine's day, but it is always better to be prepared. In my opinion, a shopping spree at Victoria's Secret is the best gift for both of you! Ladies feel happy, because they get their favorite brand lingeries and men are satisfied later at night (hehe).

Anyway, after a little shopping at Victoria's Secret, I was inspired to style something elegant, vivid and casual for Valentine's dinner with your loved one. My new pink blazer from Fashion Frenzzie was a perfect choice to look super stylish and attractive. I'm a person who loves comfortable clothing, I picked a pair of boyfriend jeans | Blackfive with a white blouse to keep it casual and simple. As for shoes, I chose animal printed sandals by Steve Madden. I have a special story of how I got these shoes. When I was in Seattle, I visited the Crossroads store, where you can buy and sell brands. It was quite a great experience because I was able to sell some of my items and in exchange I got a pair of new Steve Madden sandals. I was lucky to find these sandals in super great condition. They looked like they had never been worn. I was quite surprised how many people come there to buy and sell their items. I'm thinking that next time, I must visit them again ;) What about you?! Did you ever sell your unused/ used clothes? And where? (leave your comment below, I would love to know your top secrets).

Blazer | here      Jeans | here      Watch | here      Sandals | here

Stand Up

5:18 PM
Hello my dear readers! I hope your week started productively. Mine is a little bit slow because of jet lag.  Since I 'm back home in Virginia, I can finally work seriously on my blog. I have a couple of ideas, which I can't tell you for now, but if you keep checking out my posts, you will find out soon =).  
When we arrived back, I knew that some packages were waiting for me. One of the items I got during Christmas vacation was this cool printed jacket from Mr Gugu & Miss Go. I love their unique pieces. At first, I didn't know what and how to style this statement item. I wanted to look stylish, casual and feminine. After searching an hour, I found one of my favorite skirts (which you can buy at my store) in my storage box. It was exactly what I needed! Heavy boots and a crop top enhanced the casual theme of the entire look. A hat from Forever 21 and one of my vintage backpacks captured a playful mood.
Jacket | Mr Gugu & Miss Go      Skirt | Queenhorsfallcloset     Hat | Forever 21

Last shooting in Seattle

6:03 PM
Hi, my sweeties! I'm back in Virginia! It was a long flight back home and I'm still feeling quite tired! Before I left, I did another shooting just for fun! Since I didn't have so much clothing with me during our trip, I decided to mix some items that I had with me. I'm wearing an origami printed midi skirt with a white printed shirt and yellow sandals. It might look weird, but the wonderful background kept it classy. 

Instagram Giveaway x Lookbook

8:09 AM
Hi, my sweeties! Today, I'm flying back to Virginia and I'm quite sad that our vacation is finished. I really enjoyed the company of my family, old and new friends.  Since our flight is early in the morning, I thought it would be great to run a giveaway during my flight back to our home. This time, I decided to host a giveaway on my Instagram. I've teamed up with the wonderful jewelry brand Fresh Tangerine (based in Seattle) to bring you a cool and fresh giveaway. Lately, I've been obsessed with delicate accessories, which is why I chose to giveaway a set of classic stacking rings / an infinity ring. The winner can choose one out of the two choices: the single infinity or ring set! If you are interested to join, check out this giveaway on Instagram >>>here.

Since I was able to visit their showroom in Seattle, I was able to meet the wonderful ladies who create these amazing pieces. They were nice enough to let me style some of their pieces. Here is my little Lookbook mix of gold & silver. I love their elegance! 

Knitted Monday

10:32 AM
Hi, my sweeties! I hope you had a great weekend! Last Saturday, I was quite busy organizing little meetings with Seattle bloggers before I leave back to Virginia. I also got some pretty items for another wonderful photo shoot by Lake Washington. My parents-in-law are lucky to live pretty close to the lake. I think it will be my favorite shooting spot for upcoming projects. I love the grayish light and clean background. 
Today, I'm wearing super sexy leggings by Akira Chicago that are incredibly stylish and super comfortable. Since it has a purple panel, I thought it would look great with my purple infinity scarf from Akira. To create an integrated outfit, I also wore a stylish long cardigan by Sheinside (that is my favorite item of the month), a French Connection turtleneck (that I love to wear any day and under any weather conditions), and of course one of my beloved booties by Shellys London. For accessories, I picked Style Moi set rings and a black wallet that I got as a Christmas gift.

Cardigan | Sheinside     Leggings | Akira    Scarf | Akira    Rings | Style Moi    Boots | Shellys London

Lady in Red

10:33 PM
Hello, my sweeties! Today, we spent all day at home and I thought that it would be a great opportunity to have a mini shooting to show you my new hair style. Maybe some of you already saw my pictures on Instagram @differentcands =). It is been a while since I had a short hair style. Since we're in Seattle, it seemed like the ideal time to get a fresh look. Usually I do not trust my hair to anybody. It is very hard to find a good hair stylist. My mother-in-law suggested I visit Rituel Salon to get my hair done by stylist Mary Hoy. I fell in love with the cute design of the salon and the wonderful service. I'm so trilled by my new hair style. I hope you like it too!

After getting a new fresh look, it provides a great reason for another photo shoot project. I thought my new beautiful dress by Akira will be perfectly suited to capture this romantic, elegant and classic outfit. 

Dress | Akira     Blouse | Nordstrom Rack    Earrings | Asos

Trilled by the city

11:08 PM
Hi, guys! Today, I had a such an interesting time. Early on, I met a photographer from Seattle, who I interviewed for IFBK. After the interview and a mini shooting session, we went to the city to capture some urban shots showcasing my new dress from Sheinside. I'm really enjoying this vacation and being able to take pictures around a big city like Seattle.  ince I don't have so many shoes with me here, I have to dress my Shellys London sneakers all the time.  Daniel Wellington is my best accessory, but it's also one of my favorites! Perfect outfit for a perfectly sunny day.  Though, I will confess to being a little bit chilly! 
Dress | Sheinside   Watch | Daniel Wellington   Sneakers | Shellys London 

Stripes in the city

9:18 PM
Stripes in clothing is such a classy pattern.  It can be worn any season and is always trendy!  I'm usually wearing striped tops, blouses or small accessories, but this time, I was happy to try something new.  When I saw this long coat in wide stripes at Style Moi, I just fell in love!  I paired it with skinny pants | Nordstrom and a white blouse for bold look.  To add some pop, I accessorized with a yellow clutch in combination with yellow sandals.  I also love my new ring set from Style Moi.  I adore the thoughtful and expressive geometric forms.  They accent the outfit's attitude in a fresh, fun way!

Coat | Style Moi     Ring Set | Style Moi     Pants | Nordstrom   Clutch | Aldo

Seattle Weather

6:41 PM
Hi, my sweet peas! New week, new article! Today, we had another photo shooting project. We decided to visit one of Seattle's historic train stations. Since it got warmer today, we decided to shoot outside. I'm not a big fan of rainy weather and the grayish mood of the city, but there is something special in the air when you get to walk around this place. 

For the occasion, I got to wear my new super cool long trench coat by Style Moi. The best feature of this coat is that it's convertible. When I'm tired of wearing a long coat, I can turn it into a cool short jacket.  I paired it with a knit sweater and a white blouse underneath. Layering is the best way to look stylish and warm. 
Coat | Style Moi     Sweater | River Island      Jeans | Nordstrom     Boots | Nasty Gal      Rings | Style Moi

Hello 2015!

12:28 PM
Hi, guys! I hope you all had an amazing New Year's celebration! The main reason for my irregular posts is that I have been busy visiting family and traveling. We just came from Oregon yesterday. I'm so happy that this new year started differently compared to last year. I believe this year will be better! Here is my new photo shooting that we did during our small trip to Randle village. Sad, because of the weather conditions, I was not able to do a shooting in Oregon.

I was looking for something comfortable, warm and super cute. My new sweater (which I gave myself as a Christmas gift) from Forever 21 is my new must-have item for this winter/ spring season. To add a pop of color, I wore this beautiful dress, as well as The Diana necklace from Kristin Perry. Since I was not able to bring all of my shoes to Seattle, I'm rocking my Shellys  London Laraun  shoes almost every day. I just ordered new booties yesterday and am looking forward to having a new pair of shoes =).
Sweater | Forever 21       Shoes | Nasty Gal      Necklace | Kristin Perry 

The Horsfall House

7:18 PM
Hi, my sweeties! My husband and I had a relaxing and peaceful time outside of Seattle couple days ago. After a busy Christmas, we thought we needed to retreat to our own private world. My family owns a wonderful house in the little American town of Randle.   The Horsfall House is one of most gorgeous houses I have ever stayed! The fresh air, sparkling dew in the morning, wild sounds of animal at night, and coziness of the house brought us to a time when people were living without internet, craziness of city life and pollution from industrial manufacturing. Every time I'm there, I basque in how beautiful and harmonious life can be. In my opinion, it is the perfect place to be with your friends or family.  
If you ever come to Washington State, you can rent this wonderful house for $150 per night (more info you can find here).

While it was light enough, we did a small photo session. I picked one of my favorite sweaters by Blackfive and paired it with stressed jeans (similar at Boohoo). There is no need to be stylish at this country house, but those who know me well, understand that I can't resist wearing fancy shoes like Shellys London.

P.S. Hope you will enjoy the pics, which I took there =)
 Sweater |  here     Shoes | here    Jeans | here
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