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Hi, guys! I'm literally readying my bags! We are leaving soon for our trip to Seattle & New Orleans. We still didn't finish our Christmas gift shopping. I guess we will do the rest in Seattle. Today, I wanted to share with you what I plan to wear when we travel, and to give you a few small tips. At first, I always layer underneath my sweater, because you never know what kind of temperature you will encounter while traveling. I prefer wearing a turtleneck, and last weekend, I got a pretty cool one from 2020ave. I also wore a skirt from Fashion Bazaar, and here is another reason why I prefer a skirt or dress instead of jeans or pants - I love when my skin breathes. Plus, when I am in the air, my legs get puffy, and jeans or pants get very uncomfortable and too tight! Another item you should wear are sneakers. I especially recommend this if you have cool ones like mine from WannabK. You will won't have to worry about feeling underdressed, because they are super statement piece. The next item - a backpack. I love backpacks no matter what style or color. They are just perfect for travel! I found mine at Flat Iron. You probably will see this backpack very often when we will travel. And the last piece I always carry with me are sunglasses, because it is the only way to hide your face without make-up ;) Btw, I was seriously too lazy to put make up on when we were shooting this outfit. Oh, I almost forgot to mention my arm candies! Big thanks to Paul Watches for sending me this unique watch from their new collection. 

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