My Goal

Happy weekend, peeps! I wish you all fantastic Sunday! This time, I decided to share an old photoshoot, because I've been feeling some nostalgia and thought that I would be very sad to not share these pretty coffee mood pictures. We are so close to 2016! To be honest, I feel always sad when a good year has too go. This year was very busy and filled with adventures for me. We lived on two sides of the States: East, and now on West! Isn't that awesome? I'm almost close to my year goal too. Last year, I promised myself to work hard on my social media in order to reach 30K Followers. And you know what? My Lookbook has over 30K followers already and my Instagram is getting close to this number. I really appriciate your love and support guys! I tried to shape my content very professionally and interestingly. I hope that we will grow to something bigger in this coming New Year, and that we all achieve our dreams together!

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