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Hi, guys! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I didn't do anything special this weekend, because we are now in our school routine. LOL. Why "our?" Because when my hubby is a student, I feel like a mother taking care of my child. HAHA. I am pretty sure that any woman who is married will understand me. Some of you have been asking me how do I manage my blogging routine. 

Here are a few tips I would like to share from my experience:

1. I plan what I will wear in advance. It can range from week or just few hours ahead of time for what should I wear. I put all my outfits together, try them on, and look if I should change or add something.
2. I shoot all my outfits in one day! Yes, it is crazy, but my husband and I prefer to shoot for a couple  of hours, so that way, I don't need to bother him during the work days.
3. I write 1-2 posts to have as back-up. In case if I don't have time to write, I have an extra post in my back pocket!
4. I always look through all of my pictures on my phone and carefully consider what comes next. That means, all my pictures have a schedule. 
5. I try to use any free time for social media. If I'm on the beach, if I watch TV with my hubby, even if I cook or before sleep - it's all fair game. I feel like I'm always with my phone. Sometimes, I get tired and I take a break by reading books. I find it is unhealthy to be online all the time!
I wear:
Dress | Chicwish  Purse |PoupĂ©e de Papier  Heels | Shoesdazzle

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