My experience with Makeup Meltdown

Happy Friday, my lovely ones! I wish you all will have a great weekend! Today, I would love to share with you my experience with my new custom color lipstick or CC Lippie service. A month ago, I was found by a "Makeup Meltdown” company, that customizes the perfect lipstick for you. Like many ladies, I buy tons of lipstick in the never-ending quest to find one that captures exactly what I want. It was pretty easy to customize. You make an order on its Etsy store. Later, you get a questionnaire and some samples delivered to your home. After you pick one that works for you, the final product arrives in just a couple of days. It sounds like a lot of work, but you will be happy, because I can attest to that feeling! I wish I could customize some clothes online that I like. For example, if I do not like the color or small details, I could easily make the change. Hehe ;)

Eyewear | Polette

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