August 2015: Queen of the Forest

Hello, babies!  Here is another editorial photo shoot.  Since my husband got some free time, we came up with some great ideas to shoot my outfits!  The Fall Season is almost here, so I thought this would be a beautiful way to finish this wonderful summer.  For this photo shoot, we found the best location and my favorite spot that I call the "Lost Bridge."  I use this name because it's a weird bridge that was never finished.  You can notice in the pics that behind me is just forest.  I find it haunting and beautiful that civilization just stops at this point.  To bring out some strong magic in the pictures, I picked a beautiful dress from Megz Fashion ( you can find also on Etsy | link here) .  My favorite detail in this dress is the back side. It's absolutely sexy and very feminine.  To complete my look, I wore dark lipstick (Diva) from MAC, that my husband bought for me!  Oh Gosh, I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have a man like mine!  He definitely knows my taste!
Dress | Megz Fashion   Sandals | Zara    Lipstick | MAC (Matte)

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