August 2015: How to wear only two colors

Happy Monday, guys! I hope you had a great weekend! Today, I would love to introduce you to Toulula store! I love to discover new brands and something that is hard to find. You should definitely check out this store, because they offer very unique clothes. This time, I got a classic pleated skirt. I initially thought to create another elegant outfit, but then I recreated my typical look for being comfortable! Lace-up shoes have gone viral to the point where every girl MUST own a pair of them. In my opinion, Topshop were the most popular. Mine are from Lulu's. I absolutely adore them! To keep my black and white theme, I paired my Toulula skirt with a Style Moi mesh shirt. Let me know, what is your favorite color?
Top | Style Moi     Skirt | Toulula    Bag | Asos    Hat | Forever 21    Sandals | Lulu's

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