July 2015: You can always look like $1K with a $50 dress!

Hello babies!  The last time I was folding clothes, I thought that maybe I should toss or give away some of my stuff that looks pretty used.  My next thought was, "Why do I love this shirt so much?  I don't need it, so why keep it?"  I'm pretty sure many of you have thought the same thing before! Some of my clothes are so old that they barely fit.  I still love them anyway.  It's not like anything was incredibly expensive either.  I would never buy anything over $1K.  I'm sure somebody will call me crazy or ask, "Don't you ever want to have Celine or Chanel bag?"  But you know, I don't!  There are so many other things in life that you can spend your money on instead of one bag!  There isn't strong enough reason to buy these bags and clothes!  Fashion goes fast.  Everything changes within the blink of an eye.   Why do you want this bag?  Because all other famous bloggers or celebrities wear it!  Good advertising makes us want things that we do not need!  Today, the world gives us unlimited resources and opportunities to make an impact in the fashion world.  Clothing stores like Poshmark, Chicwish, and Zara keep pace with fashion at affordable prices.  You can always look like $1K with a $50 dress!  My mom always told me, that during the Soviet Union days, there were not so many stores where you can find trendy items.  It was hard to look different and stylish.  We are lucky in today's world to be able to express our style.
In the spirit of my long thought, I want to show my next elegant look where I spent less than $100. Chicwish has very affordable prices for any fashionista.  Their clothes are not only cheap, but also very stylish and of great quality! My mint mini-bag was totally free after collecting coins at IFCHIC. For pumps, I chose my wedding shoes that I bought at Zappos (2 years ago!). 
Dress: Chicwish     Pumps | Zappos     Mini bag | Ifchic 

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