July 2015: Thinking Out Loud

Hi, guys!  Have you ever questioned why should you should continue blogging ? Does anybody truly read me? Does my style inspire anybody? Am i just wasting my time? I have been trying pretty hard to engage my followers to read my blog or my Instagram. It has been very hard! Most people just keep writing the same comments from post to post. But lately, I am finally seeing my true readers, who actually read what I think and what I ask! I really appreciate you guys!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE & SUPPORT! If you didn't know, my editor / husband has been helping me with my English writing skills since I've spoken English for only a few years!  Knowing that you, my lovely readers, continue to read, makes us even more inspired!!!

Today, I'm wearing a Mr Gugu & Miss Go printed dress that I paired with one of my favorite vintage coats. For details, I chose my new marble Polette eyewear and new phone case from Mr Gugu & Miss Go. It was kind of a rainy day, but I thought this outfit was perfect for warm summer rain.  
Dress | Mr Gugu & Miss Go  Phone Case | Mr Gugu & Miss Go  
Eyewear | Polette  Sneakers | Adidas Triangle Ring | Trendhood

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