June 2015: Shopping with #IFCHIC (part 1)

Hey guys! We have been experiencing some extremely crazy weather in Virginia. It has been raining incredibly hard the whole week! I do not know if I like it or not, but after the humid and hot weather, maybe it is a good break. Since the temperature has dropped quite a bit, I thought I'd wear my new C/MEO sweater that I got this week. I absolutely love it! You will probably not believe me, but I got it for FREE from Ifchic! I wanted to share with you how you can get your designer clothes for free as well. Just simply go to their website (www.ifchic.com) and start to collect $2 coins! You can collect $6 at day! After collecting them every day, you can spend your coins on every 24th day of the month! Easy, right?! Ifchic offers a lot of amazing designer items. I'm keeping my eyes on Korean designers right now. I wish you good luck in your shopping adventures!
Sweater | IfChic   Pants | here  Clutch | here  
Collect your #ifchic coins!

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