June 2015: My photography tips and what do we use!

Happy Monday, guys! I hope your weekend was as fantastic as mine! I will share the details about our brief trip to Virginia Beach later. Some of my followers keep asking me about photography skills, what camera I use, etc. 
So, I thought it would be helpful to share my small secrets of success! Firstly, we are using the Canon Rebel t4i. This camera has worked pretty well, but of course, I'm looking forward to getting a better one in the future. To be honest though, my main secret in photography is using a macro lens (100 mml). I got this lens for my birthday, and so far, it's the best gift ever. Even my husband loves to take pictures with this lens, since he is not a professional photographer. It captures details that make really sharp images. Next, we try to shoot when the sun is going down, or find shade if it's in the middle of the day. It is very hard to take pictures when the sun is too bright! My last tip, be a team! We noticed that when we work as a team, we always get better images, but there are some days when we have a hard time LOL. 

Today, I'm wearing a striped top (Forever 21) that I paired with mesh skirt from Style Moi. I'm just in love this this statement necklace from Micha Store that I got a week ago. I hope my little bits of advice will help you!
 Necklace |  Micha  Top | Forever 21  Sandals | Romwe 
Bag | Missguided  Skirt | Style Moi 

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