American Dream

Hi, sweeties! Anyway, we are enjoying our last days in Seattle, and it is quite a busy week catching up with all our friends and family before we leave. Yesterday, we went to our family friend's house to shoot our new project. I'm so thankful that they let us to do it. The place was truly wonderful and full of beauty. The unique art on the walls, the greenhouse with award winning orchids, an indoor pool, and a breathtaking view of Lake Washington make this place special. We were especially lucky to shoot here because it's going on sale soon. To fit in with this setting, I chose an outfit that projects a feeling of luxury, class, and beauty. I got this idea in my head from watching American movies, where movie stars usually dress up in something white and chic. I accomplished this through a white blouse and jeans. For a strong color with pop, I picked an Akira scarf in teal. I chose accessories that included vintage white framed shades and some silver rings. I really enjoyed this shoot and thought it was a perfect way to end this trip!
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