My Christmas Eve Outfit

6:57 PM
Hi, guys! I'm very sorry for not publishing very often and not being a social media reporter lately. Christmas is the busiest time of the year. We have been visiting and seeing a lot of family members, and it is totally fun! After 3 days of eating, hugs, and more eating, I feel exhausted! Here are some pics that we took on Christmas Eve before going to grandmother's house. I am thankful to have a big family gathering every year! Anyway, I decided to go for something casual and cozy. I got a wonderful cardigan from Pin-up Darling and I thought it is the perfect item to stay warm and stylish for the dinner. Here's a belated Merry Christmas to you all!

Cardigan | here   Turtleneck | here   Boots| here  Jeans | here

Enjoying the sun

2:03 PM
Hi, my sweeties!  Everybody is busy getting ready for Christmas Eve.  It is a time when Families meet up, decorations are hung, and there is a rush to buy last-minute gifts.  I decided to share with you one of my outfits from Florida.  Sadly, we were only able to stay 2 nights there.  I was happy that we were able to enjoy some sun before rainy Seattle. 
I'm wearing one of my oldest Oasap shirts with bold colored flats from Asos and super stylish Stylenanda shades.  I hope it will warm you up a little bit ;)  Merry Christmas and best wishes to all of you guys!
Shirt | here    Shoes | here   Shades | here

Wedding Outfit in Florida

11:08 AM
Hi, my sweeties! Some of you know that my husband and I are having a small vacation.  We just arrived to Seattle last night.  Before we came to Seattle, we visited our friends for their wedding in Florida.  We have never been to Florida.  The 2 days what we spent there were amazing.  We enjoyed amazingly warm weather and seemingly endless beaches.  Unfortunately, we were not able to swim, because we found the water to be on the chilly side.  That being said, we loved the local restaurants - eating fresh seafood next to the beach - and bouncing around the Fort Lauderdale bar scene. 

Here is my outfit that I wore for the wedding.  I found that light blue looks wonderful with yellow shoes and a matching clutch. 

Dress | here    Clutch | here    Heels | here

it's important for making a real connection that keeps things interesting!

9:21 AM
Hi, guys! Some of my followers asked me, how did I gain followers and readers for my blog?!  I would love to share with you some of my tips, but add that success is a lot of work! 
Who hasn't wanted tons of followers on your social media and blog without spending countless hours on internet?!  Lately, a lot of bloggers buy "zombie" accounts to increase their following faster and to be popular.  Sure, that's easy, right?!  However, I would not advise you to rush in making that decision!
If you are looking for honest followers and real people as readers for your blog and other social media platforms, it is better to stay away from those weird programs and not spam your readers.  Signing up for the get-subscribers-quick schemes will destroy your reputation and you can be suspended or deleted if website administrators notice you violated their terms of policy.

If you want to grow your blog, you should be very active user.  I noticed that the more often I post, than higher my traffic gets.  Use different platforms that will lead to you being noticed.  I'm using Lookbook, Chictopia, Chicisimo, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as my main accounts.  Work on building community of people who will be interested to see what you do, how you do things, and generally just open up with the full love of your personality.  I have been experimenting a lot lately.  People will read my articles, but most of my followers just enjoy seeing pretty pictures. This is sometimes a little sad, but I still don't give up!  I don't particularly enjoy writing (English isn't my first language), but I'm happy to share my experiences, because it's important for making a real connection that keeps things interesting! 

I wear:      Fur Coat | Chicwish     Boots | Pinupdarling     Necklace | Style Moi

Plaid Flannel Trend

5:35 AM
Plaid Shirts have been super popular with many style bloggers, celebrities and all other fashionistas. I always associated this shirt with working style when I was young, but today it's become a must-have item in your closet. Stylists showed us how to wear it fashionably and effortlessly. A balance between masculinity and a feminine silhouette can be done with distressed jeans, sexy shorts, or a mini-skirt. I decided to style my new plaid flannel shirt in green | Style Moi with distressed jeans | Blackfive to create a comfortable and casual style. A chocker necklace | Style Moi is a perfect accessory to look bold.
Shirt | here   Necklace | here    Jeans | here    Flats | here


11:12 AM
I'm absolutely thrilled that we are leaving this week to see our family in Seattle! I love the family of my husband, because they are amazing and wonderful people. It is always a pleasure to spend time with them. Today, we had an another beautiful and warm day in Virginia. I decided to play a lot with white to create something fresh and young. I'm so in love with my new distressed boyfriend jeans from Style Moi. I love the big cuts on them! Since, I was going to meet with my friend for shopping, I thought that comfortable sneakers will be the best way to go. A warm Bloomingdale's sweater is one of my favorite items this winter. Thanks to incredible pieces like this Oasap clutch and Style Moi gold rings, they made the look even more fashionable. 
Jeans | here    Rings Set | here   Clutch | here    Sweater | here

Cozy Monday

10:20 AM
Hi, my sweeties! I can't believe that it is the middle of December! Time runs by too fast! 

Today I created another comfortable outfit. Lately, I've been a big fan of boyfriend style. Like many ladies, I used to envy men's comfortable clothing, but not any more! Baggy jeans and sweaters are a big trend for any season. It is always hard to guess which size you should order when you shop online. This time, I got one size bigger jeans |  Blackfive that will work perfectly as part of the boyfriend trend. To be honest, I'm tired of wearing skinny jeans and feel so uncomfortable after gaining a little bit of weight (Shhhh...just a little bit!). Boyfriend jeans look great when paired with anything. I picked an oversized turtleneck sweater | Blackfive that has a cute vibe and coziness. To give this a feminine touch, I chose to wear heeled boots. What do you think about baggy style?
Jeans | here  Sweater | here  Heels | here

Holiday Beauty Gifts Ideas under $55

2:58 PM
After spending a lot of time of trying to figure out Holiday Beauty Gifts Ideas on a budget, I thought that it will be very helpful to share what I found. To be honest, I wish that Christmas would never finish.

Have a great weekend!

11:31 AM
Hey, sweeties! It is finally Friday! I wish you all a wonderful weekend, and I will see you next week! We are leaving tonight to see our friends! Yeah! 
For this trip, I decided to wear something comfortable, yet feminine.  For this casual look, I chose to wear a printed top with a striped skirt from Thera. Thera is a new brand of clothing designed by the wonderful Teresa Williams of Los Angeles.  You should definitely check her out!  The Oasap coat will keep me warm and stylish. Also, I was so happy to receive a beautiful necklace from Chictopia for free. Chictopia lets you collect "Chic points" that you can use on redeeming a free product, but you need to be fast, because everybody loves their unique, one-of-a-kind offerings ;). 
Top | here  Skirt | here  Coat | here  Necklace | here

NEW IN - origami skirt & faux fur coat

12:21 PM
Hi, sweeties!  I was so happy when my package arrived.  I could not resist showing you my new items.  A wonderful origami printed skirt and faux fur coat from Chicwish are the best items I ever got from this store.  I love their high quality and big variety of stylish clothing.  The faux fur coat is a big trend from last season, it will be definitely be trendy this winter too.  I believe the changing nature of the fashion industry increasingly tosses the rules out the window.  That's why faux fur has continuing appeal.  Also, I found it an attractive and glamorous piece, which can be worn in many ways.  The eye-catching statement skirt reflects my personality through its style.  I love that it has an origami print.  

Fur | here  Turtleneck | here  Skirt | here 

Color Crush: Mint

12:29 PM
Hey, my loves!  While others enjoy their travels around the world, I am supporting my husband as he prepares for his final examination week.  We are taking a short trip to see our old friends during this time, and I am not sure if I should be excited or not!  I only know that the bus trip will be a "great" travel experience, as it is so damn cold here!  I am praying that we will one day live somewhere warmer ;)
My family says, I should not complain, because in Kazakhstan is about -30 C. Brrr.... 

Today, I was thinking to create a romantic outfit with a fresh and dramatic mood.  I decided to wear a mint sweater | Sheinside,  minty pumps, and jewelry pieces that I believed worked harmoniously together.  To capture a vintage effect, I added a wonderful coat in khaki | Oasap.  

Coat | here    Sweater | here  Heels | here  Skirt | here

Perfect mates

9:29 AM
Last year, my wardrobe was full of electric blue items and I always got compliments, that it looks great on me. In my opinion, this color suits any skin tone and you can easily mix, match and create amazing outfits. Some people think, that you should avoid of wearing everything in this color. But I think that matching heels, short dress and small accessories will look stunning together. One of my favorite color combinations are electric blue with yellow colors. It captures strength and unusual uniqueness. I decided that my new jumpsuit from Oasap would be a great mate to the yellow coat and clutch. 
Jumpsuit | here    Coat | here   Clutch | here 

What I accomplished this year?!

7:19 AM
It is almost the end of the year and I was thinking about what I accomplished this year and what are my next goals for the next year. When my blog started to grow, I got more interest to work in the Fashion Industry. During my time in South Korea, I was able to learn a lot of things. I learned that I could be a leader (when usually I was a follower), I learned how to manage (when usually I have no discipline) and I found out that I am more creative than I thought! Also, I earned some cash, collaborated with some big brands like Daniel Wellington, a designer from NY, Kahri, the designer YesImFrench, and many other small brands. I am so thankful to my husband, my family and of course the big support from my wonderful followers! My next goal: to be more then just a style blogger!

While thinking about my goals for the next year, we had a wonderful day in Virginia. Even though it was raining, it was amazingly warm. I decided that it would be great to wear a new two piece set from Sheinside. I thought that the print on the sweatshirt would look great in combination with long sleeve blazer | Oasap. For the statement piece in this look, I found a chic clutch from Oasap.
Blazer | here Clutch | here  Two Piece | here

Grey Matters

10:19 AM
Hi, my sweeties! Finally, it is Saturday! It is been quite cold here this week, so it inspired me in creating a grey outfit from head to toe. The new neutral hue was trendy last year, but this fall it got crazier. I thought that a grey beanie and coat would look cute together. When I tried it out, I thought that dark grey details would be a perfect mix with the entire outfit. It is why I chose to wear adorable Shellys London shoes, one of my favorites these days. To not look drab or bored, I introduced a pop of color by wearing one of my colorful dresses. The dress underneath is a great combination for looking chic this weekend. What do you think about Grey as a Trend? Yay or Nay?

cozy fashion with an edge

12:09 PM
Winter greetings, my lovely friends! It is getting more and more chilly around here. It was 9 Celsius today (Americans like to say 43 Fahrenheit, or something like that!).  This season is great for knit scarves. They are diverse to use, and keep you warm. I bought some knee-long boots during the Black Friday sale. Shopping was so fun! The day was sunny, so I felt like wearing this coat to celebrate cozy fashion with an edge. 
Scarf | here  Coat | here  Boots | here   Bag| here

10 reasons to wear bright/light shades this winter

5:03 PM
Hi, my sunnies! Can I say, "sunnies?" I like the sound, because it reminds me of sunshine =)  Here are my 10 reasons why I would wear bright or light colors this winter:

1. I love that light shades can create a feminine, elegant and angelic look
2. Since most people do not follow rules, I think that bright/light colors look stylish and super trendy any season. 
3. Finding the right balance with your clothes will lead you to a always look fashionably fresh and young.
4. If I was living back in my home country, where people wear time dark hues most of the time, I would still add some bright colored accessories like scarves, hats, jewelry or belts. I'm sure it will be quite the statement. 
5. Winter is sleepy, so give an extra boost of energy! Say yes to the bright lipsticks, neon beanies and bright colored knitwear!
6. You can create amazing layers with any bright colors by mixing with dark ones. 
7. Brightens your mood and your mentality. I always feel better if I go for a bright/ light hue. You will be happy and people around you will feel better too. Believe me, it works!
8. Attract attention. If there was a Fashion Week in December, I would definitely be noticed.
9. Stand out. Bright colors are always eye catching.
10. Coziness. A big knit scarf and mittens, or a nice sweater always look cozy and warm.

Coat (Similar) | here  Sweater | here  Boots | here 

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