Lace in modern way

7:18 AM
Today I would like to share my own taste for lace. Lace can be styled in modern, elegant and super chic way. You will need only statement items. I choose to wear Tryst Necklace from Lavendermoon,  a cute beanie (at Asos), super stylish boots (Shellys London) and one of my favorite plaid Hauterogue coat. For the lace part I picked NYCT Clothing laced top in combination with laced Skirt.
Necklace/here  Beanie/here   Coat/here  Top/here   Skirt/here  Shoes/here 

LeBunny x Younghungryfree

7:56 AM
Hi sweeties! It is been chilly lately in VA,  but I am not tired of ordering new sunnies, special if I find an interesting one. This one I got at Younghungryfree with a denim jacket. At the first moment I thought "wait a minute, last time when I worn a denim jacket I was 7 years old girl!" But after seeing how other bloggers rock this item all the time, I decided that I should try it too. To stay warm I picked a navy blue sweater, which my sister gifted to me when I was in Kazakhstan. Thanks sis, it is warm! Then next question was what to wear for bottom, and I choose a denim summer shorts with over knee socks by H&M. To complete this fun outfit I took a square briefcase at LeBunny Bleu.

Miss Little Mix

1:01 PM
Hello, my dearest! Today we are going for dinner with my husband's friends. I was thinking what should I wear?!  The weather is kind of crazy, it is sunny and at same time chilly, when the wind blows. After couple hours by the mirror I made a final decision. I am wearing a blue contrast wool coat (at Little Mistress), a floral cropped top (at Style Moi) and sky blue skirt. After putting everything together, I thought that something is missing in this outfit. I added my new necklace from Yoins Collection and curled my hair. It looks a little bit mixed, I guess because I feel uninspired today. Well, I promise to create something interesting tomorrow. Bye!

Phone case/here

How to look stylish at the office

5:39 AM
Hi, my sweeties! Today I decided to wear an office look. I am lucky to not having a job at the office, but I would love to share with you how to look stylish at the office. Most important part of formal wear, in my opinion to look elegant. At first, I tried to not wear any black and picked a classy beige coat (at Yoins), which is perfect for Fall/Spring season. Then I was thinking what should I wear under the coat, and my choice was for crop shirt (at in combination with striped skirt (from Blackfive). After all, I decided to work on small details like belt (Forever 21), phone case (Oasap), bag (Asos) , heels (Gucci). To complete my office outfit I picked one my coolest shades (by Blackfive ) to effect that you can be stylish at office too.
Coat/here       Shirt/here        Skirt/here      Shades/here       Heels/here     Bag/here     Phone case/here

Electric Colors are joyful

6:46 AM
Hi, my dear readers! Today is such a beautiful day in Virginia! You can not imagine how much I missed a sunshine and bright days! I love sunny days, it makes me happy and healthy! Today I am wearing an outfit of full of cosiness! I picked to wear a cool cartoon sweatshirt from Oasap in combination with neon shorts and bag, which you can buy at my store Queenhorsfall Closet soon. 
A beautiful color combination makes me feel so fresh and joyful. I definitely needed some colors in my closet! By the way, how was your weekend?



6:03 AM
Hi, guys! Today, I would like to talk about beloved trend like sport shoes. Nowadays it is not a big surprise to wear sport shoes with anything what you like. Because new sport shoes are not just super trendy, also stylish and comfortable. You probably have seen a lot of fashionable bloggers, celebrities and even stylist wear dresses, skirts, jeans or pants with sport shoes. Since I have a small size, it took me a while to find an ideal size. Most of american stores had the smallest size 6, which was too big for me, and I decided to try at teenager section. Vuala, and I found what I was looking for. Electric blue nike sneakers was a right choice! 

Black and white attacks my closet

8:59 AM
Hi, my dears! I still have some issues with internet. I am not able to use my Instagram, what makes me feel very sad. I can not understand, why do I pay so much money for having a cool cell phone in US, when this phone doesn't work abroad? When the rest of the world is being able to use one phone everywhere! The weather in Kazakhstan is not really enjoyable. Now I am sick, I guess that I have a flu.... To feel a little bit better, I decided to share one of my oufit from last week. I worn Sheinside's midi skirt, plaid coat by Haute Rogue and Kristin Perry's necklace.
Skirt/ here

Loose sweater

4:04 AM
Hello, my sweeties! I am at home in Kazakhstan. I am very sorry that being very slow with publishing. I have small problems with internet. It is pretty chilly over here. Here is one of my prefall outfit. I choose to wear loose boyfriend sweater, which I got from Sheinside. It is super warm and stylish. To create a modern and stylish look, I picked my Younghungryfree dress and super boots by Blackfive. 
Sweater| Sheinside
Boots| Blackfive

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