The Audrey Necklace

1:59 AM
Hi, guys! I am in Vienna International Airport right now. During my wait, I decided to write my post. Before my leave I did a shooting with my husband, that I will be able to blog.
I decided to wear pretty simple, minimal and classy outfit, which is perfect for going out, meetings or even fashion events. I picked white Calvin Klein sweater in combination with my favorite skinny jeans (similar you can find here). In one of my post, I wrote that I do not wear jeans so often. I guess, I realized that skinny jeans are not very comfortable and very healthy. I have been hearing a lot of crazy stories about skinny jeans. I think, if you will wear them not so often, it will not hurt you. For such a minimal outfit, I choose to wear a beautiful necklace, which was gifted to me by Kristin Perry (you should visit them to find more incredible pieces here). To complete my look, I picked to wear my "Valentino''s heels (Valentino) and a perfect matching bag (Asos).

Spots & Dots

6:32 PM
I love wearing feminine and elegant clothing. Couple years ago, I have seen how polka dots became a most wearable trend by all fashionista around the world. To be honest, I thought "Common people, it is too much". But now, when everybody come down and realize that here is no need to follow trends. You can wear how you feel and what you want. I decided, that I can wear a beautiful maxi dot printed dress by CNlinkco. I love how it looks on me, after shooting we decided to have a date with my husband. Also, I got an elegant bag by CNlinkco, it goes pretty well with the entire outfit. To complete this vintage looking outfit, I choose to wear sunflower earrings by Kristin Perry.
earrings/ here

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Men of winter world

7:24 AM
We got pretty lucky with the weather here in Virginia.  When calling back home, I hear how cold it is there.  My husband and I are planning a small trip to Kazakhstan during the winter.  The season is very long there.  My husband has never been in a country where there is a real winter.  I think it’s time to find the perfect warm outfit for him!  Since his wife is a style blogger, I decided to create something cozy and super stylish.  When I started to do research for warm sweaters, I noticed most of them were super pricy or boring.  Oh, men’s fashion!  Why is it so complicated?! I finally picked one of Fjallravencanada’s  knitted sweaters.  I found that it’s quite reasonable priced with a great taste in fashion.  Lately, I am very obsessed with grey.  I could not resist looking for grey sweaters, even for my husband.  For the best combination, I chose burgundy pants and boots by Backcountry.  Like many men, my husband loves watches, causing my attention to focus on a modern multi-function watch in grey at


3:47 PM
Hi, dears! Today I had a wonderful day in Williamsburg. I spent most of the day by riding my bike and by the dentist. Finally my tooth are done and I have happy & beautiful smile.
I decided to wear comfortable outfit for such a lovely day. I got a new sweater by Blackfive last week, I knew that it will be perfect to wear for fall weather. I styled this sweater with my Sheinside skirt and new silver shoes by Younghungryfree

skirt/ here

Always in vogue

7:09 PM
Hey, sweeties! I hope you had a great Saturday. I am a little bit stressed out these days, because I am leaving the USA to visit my family in Kazakhstan for three weeks. I probably will be not able to blog during this time. I usually get too busy at home visiting relatives. For now, I am enjoying my last week of warm weather in Virginia, because it is very cold in Kazakhstan.
Today I picked a new dress by Younghungryfree with cool boots by Blackfive. To complete my total black outfit, I added a black hat, which I got in Korea. To not be boring, I preferred bold colors and a yellow clutch that was perfect for this outfit. What do you wear this fall?

Giveaway sponsored by Oasap (Finished)

8:03 AM
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Baby Blue is back to my closet

8:22 AM
Good morning, my sweeties! Today I decided to wear something fresh, young and comfortable. At first, I was inspired by watching how beautiful clouds were flying in the air. Oh, how much I wish to fly.  I do not like to fly on airplanes, but I always wanted to try skydiving, but at the same time I am very scared. Did you ever tried  skydiving? Tell me about your feelings, maybe it will change my mind.

For sky outfit I picked a cloudy printed dress by Chicwish in combination with baby blue trench coat by Blackfive and super enjoyable sneakers by LeBunnyBleu. By the way, do not forget to enter to GIVEAWAY!

Coat/ here

Striped Skirt

7:07 AM
Good evening, my ladies! I hope you had a great day! Today we walked with my husband downtown to get some cold drinks and work at cafe place, because our house is a big mess. We just got all our furniture and it is a lot of work to open all boxes and organize all house. I am trying to bring my social media's life back, and it is hard to concentrate in this messy house.

Even summer is over, but during the day time it is very hot in Williamsburg, I choose to wear a tomboy blouse from Haute Rogue in combination with striped skirt by Blackfive. To pop out some colors, I picked a red hat by Oasap and red studded heels by Blackfive
Hat (click here)
Skirt (click here)
Blouse (click here)
Heels (click here)

Autumn essential

7:57 AM
Hello, my sweeties! You know that summer is over, even in hot Virginia.  The temperature changed from high to low, especially in the morning and evening. Today, I would like to show one of my first autumn outfits. I was looking for something classic, and at same time, casual. Grey and white are a great combination for autumn if working in the office or if you just love the feeling of luxury for any occasion. I guess you will see a lot of neutral colors in my wardrobe this season. Fall is the perfect season for blazers, light coats, cozy sweaters and cardigans. I loved this plaid jacket by Hauterogue in combination with grey suit by Chicwish. I probably would add a scarf for cooler days. Lately, I found the website Raise, which offers discounted gift cards that are perfect for big events like my birthday =)  It is not going to happen very soon, but I prefer to tell my husband what I want early. I found that you can buy LOFT gift cards with 22% off. Isn't that awesome? Even more fun, you can sell your unused gift cards to this service. It is a win-win! 
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