2014 is a Year of the Wood element

2:00 AM
I do not celebrate Chinese New Year, but I believe in new year lucky color.
According to Wood fen shui, it is recommended to wear brown and green colors. I am not fan of brown color, but I love green. And my wardrobe doesn't have anything green, what I would like to wear for chilly day. But I found out, in addition to Wood fen shui, you can also wear the colors of the Water and Earth elements, what means, blue and black colors are also good in coming year.
I wish you Happy Chinese New Year!
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Spring mood

5:22 AM
My dears, it is an amazing weather in Korea. The snow is melting, the sun shines brighter and the air is warmer.
Today's post decided to spring feelings. And for the first time, I am breaking my rules. Total black is a new wave in my fashion history.

 Thanks to photographer for the great work.
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Retro Style Shoulder bag

12:38 AM
Hey, guys!
Here is my another purchase from Jollychic. I am in love with this new bag: great design, good quality, awesome price (only $12).  I think, it was the best decision from last month's shopping. This bag is perfect for my heavy Canon Camera because it fits perfect and it is super stylish.
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Stay warm

6:00 AM
The weather is going crazy. Last two weeks, it was amazing warm and now a lot of snow. Crazy!Anyway, I am enjoying to wear my warm jacket which I bought in Korean Department store. 
I hope it is warmer in your country. 
Have a great week! ;)

Sun touch

6:55 PM
Hi, guys! It is freezing time in South Korea, but I was lucky to catch up some warm sun on the weekend. Today I would love to share my experience with Jollychic. I think that a week ago, I ordered some goodies from this store and what I really liked that they have a huge variety of products. But as many of you, I was not sure about the quality, shipping and service. When my package arrived, I was surprised. I got in love with new cool platform boots. I am happy customer with my new boots.
Shoes look exactly like on the picture. Good quality and great service.

Feminine mood

2:03 AM
I am sure some of bloggers do not want to go and have shooting outside, special if it is rainy day or freezing cold. I and my husband got an idea how to have your mini photo studio at home. 
What do you need: one white sheet, one chair, camera and photoshop to edit pictures. One little tip: wear something what will give some shades on your silhouette.
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Giveaway Gyamjo Jewels from Japan

4:30 AM
Hello dears,
I am happy to host an another giveaway for you guys. 
But this time I partner with Gyamjo Jewels. This amazing creation was made by tibetan designer from Japan.

Why is it so special:

This cross has a curved shaped with the small silver balls in the middle which are found in the tibetan monastery wall. Designer created this design with tibetan flavor. It is unique, because it has a small tibetan word on the bottom of pendant which says "HUM". 
This "hum" is the last part of the tibetan famous mantra (OM MANI PADME HUM). It means indivisibility and it help us to achieve perfection in the practice of wisdom. 

Designer has choose Rutile beads and made necklace to match the cross pendant stone 
(rutile) for giveaway present. It is only one statement necklace. Guys, I think it is really amazing creation. I wish you good luck! This giveaway is international. 
(Finish on 30 January).

Geeky glasses

8:48 PM
Today I choose to wear a geeky outfit.  Cute dress, cozy cardigan, warm jacket and nerd glasses, and your outfit is ready. I really love korean glasses, because they are cute and super stylish. You can style them in many ways. If you will come to Korea, you will see that korean loves to wear glasses, not because it lets you look smart, but also because it is a part of style.

K-pop Accessories

8:53 PM
Hello guys or Annyeonghaseo! Today's post dedicated who loves K_POP!
Did you hear about awesome bracelets by Stylist Kelly Seong of BOA, K-pop star, who worked over 20 years as K-pop Celebrities Stylist?! If not, I am here to share!
This bracelets are definitely for K-pop fan, K-fashion fan and who loves mix of bracelets.

Winter outfit

8:53 PM
Ah warm jackets. I am a person, who hates to wear heavy and fat jackets, but at the same time, I am, who is always cold. It is very hard for me, to keep me warm and stylish at the same time. 
But I found a solution in cool beanie, colorful knit sweater and warm bright scarf. Some pop of colors let me look special and feel better in this huge jacket with ugly uggs. Warm and  totally stylish. Happy New Year, guys! Do not forget to enter to GIVEAWAY

First Day of 2014!

10:51 PM
Happy New Year! I wish you all happiness and love!
Here is my outfit  it is crazy, but it is so warm in South Korea.
I love to combine my cute skater skirt with oversized boyfriend's knit cardigan.
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