10 reasons to wear bright/light shades this winter

Hi, my sunnies! Can I say, "sunnies?" I like the sound, because it reminds me of sunshine =)  Here are my 10 reasons why I would wear bright or light colors this winter:

1. I love that light shades can create a feminine, elegant and angelic look
2. Since most people do not follow rules, I think that bright/light colors look stylish and super trendy any season. 
3. Finding the right balance with your clothes will lead you to a always look fashionably fresh and young.
4. If I was living back in my home country, where people wear time dark hues most of the time, I would still add some bright colored accessories like scarves, hats, jewelry or belts. I'm sure it will be quite the statement. 
5. Winter is sleepy, so give an extra boost of energy! Say yes to the bright lipsticks, neon beanies and bright colored knitwear!
6. You can create amazing layers with any bright colors by mixing with dark ones. 
7. Brightens your mood and your mentality. I always feel better if I go for a bright/ light hue. You will be happy and people around you will feel better too. Believe me, it works!
8. Attract attention. If there was a Fashion Week in December, I would definitely be noticed.
9. Stand out. Bright colors are always eye catching.
10. Coziness. A big knit scarf and mittens, or a nice sweater always look cozy and warm.

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