What would I wear if I was in Seoul for #seoulfashionweek

Hi, guys! I am back home from my long vacation with my family in Kazakhstan. At first I was so happy to be back at home, where I live with my husband and second, it is much warmer here then in Kazakhstan. Since my internet situation was sucks, I was able only to look at the pics of my friends on Instagram. And many of you probably know that it is a big time for Seoul. Seoul Fashion Week started this Friday (couple days ago). I was not able to join my IFBK's girl this year, but I thought it would be fun to create some outfits what I would wear if I was there. Here is one of new floral matching set which I got from Stylemoi.nu. I love the print of Cart Wheel. It reminds me my childhood. Hehe. This printed set looked great with white long blazer, which I got last year at Nordstrom. Also I picked punk platform boots by Blackfive and one of my favorites clutch by Frontrowshop.
What do you think? Does it look great for #seoulfashionweek?

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