Taking Selfies is a big obsession

How often do you take pictures of yourself? Most of the people call it "selfies". A lot of media say that it is a new illness of new generation. And to be honest, I am agreed that it is very addicting. When I downloaded my first pictures on instagram, I was not thinking, what exactly I want to share on my account. But today I am one of them, who is obsessed with taking selfies all the time. How can I recover from this addiction?

I'm wearing a new sweater, which was gifted by Mr Gugu & Miss Go. I love a beautiful unicorn print on it, it has some power to believe that they exist (it might be funny, but I believe in many fairy creatures). To complete the look I choose my favorite skirt by Kahri and platform vintage boots. I am in love with my new phone case (Mr Gugu & Miss Go) and pretty bracelet (StyleMoi), isn't adorable? 
Phone case/here

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