What I need to buy this summer

As many of you I have always a huge list of what I want or wish to buy. I'm always looking for something unique, fresh and chic. This time, I made a list of things, what I really need to buy when I will be back in USA, because I have been waiting so long. ;)  If you want to know the price of the item below, just click on the pic and it will transfer you direct to the store ;) Let's shop together!

1. Studded Heels: a big trend by many bloggers and celebrities, i found some cheap copy of Valentino's shoes.
2. Red Lipstick: MUST HAVE, I have different kind of red lipsticks, but MAC is the winner.
3. Gold Cuff: I'm the luckiest girl, because I do not need to spend money on expensive jewelry, but I can always ask my husband to give me a small gift. He knows that I'm a big fan of chunky bracelets.
4. Shoulder Bag : Since tropical print is so trendy this summer, I can not resist of thinking of this pretty bag.
5. Round sunglasses: Oh, Gosh! I'm in LOVE with round glasses, my readers probably noticed it. (Giggle face)
6. Platform Shoe Boot: This one has a tropical print, they will look perfectly with white maxi dress or white jumpsuit and tropical printed bag. Yeah.
7. Boyfriend Jeans: I really need them so much, I have been looking for bf's jeans an age! Korean jeans look weird on me.
8. Eyeshadow Palette: I'm not professional make-up artist, but watching beauty vlogs, makes me think about buying this one.
9. Hats: I love hats, and hate them at the same time. I guess, it is only one accessory on what I waste my money ;)LOL
10. Denim overall: Overalls are most comfortable & cute items for any weather. 
11. Florall Printed Dress: I can not stop myself when I see floral prints, but in my opinion, Chicwish has most beautiful dresses with flower prints.
12. Birkenstock sandals: According to Vogue, they are most comfortable and stylish sandals in the world. Can not tell anything till I try them ;)

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