Rose's smell and last experience with Choies

Good morning, my sweethearts! As you know I am leaving Korea soon, and a little bit stressed about it. But I hope you will still support me in new place. I promise to work harder for my blog.

Today, I would like to tell my last experience with Choies. I want that my readers will know that I am a honest person. I have been a fan of Choies such a long time, I really liked an idea of getting points, BUT last two times were unsuccessful. 
At first, they process too long, at second the shipping sometimes is too long and  at third, two times I got something totally different from the picture. 

The crop top, which I wear today, is totally okay and I am happy with it. I like the color, and size was true, the quality of my production is amazing too. But I want to tell official that I am not gonna shop by them anymore. I am not telling you to stop, because I got some amazing pieces too, but 2 times to waste my money, thank you, I better look for another stores.
Top/Choies              Skirt/Boohoo             Bag/Chanel

Do not buy this products, if you do not want to trash your money!

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