What to wear for Fashion Week

Last year, I was not prepared to be every day at  Seoul Fashion Week, but this year, I want to be ready.
I would like to share some of outfits, what I am thinking to wear: Something fresh, chic and colorful.

-Light color is always statement, what let you look fresh and young. In my opinion, any pastel color can look amazing on everybody. I love ripped jeans, they are trendy any season. You can pair them with heavy shoes or sandals.

-Chic outfits are always popular and noticeable by street photographers. Photographers are always looking for some interesting mix of pattern and prints. I offer a cool mix of printed shirt with combination of striped skirt and clutch.

-Colorful look is always my favorite. I love colors any season. Here I picked some neon colors of pink and orange with lovely floral dress. You will be definitely seen.

P.S. If you click to the link, you can see where you can buy.

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