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Hello guys or Annyeonghaseo! Today's post dedicated who loves K_POP!
Did you hear about awesome bracelets by Stylist Kelly Seong of BOA, K-pop star, who worked over 20 years as K-pop Celebrities Stylist?! If not, I am here to share!
This bracelets are definitely for K-pop fan, K-fashion fan and who loves mix of bracelets.

On the left side, you can find a banner of Le Ciel De Vicky.
If want to know what K-pop loves to wear, check it out.

Where you can buy:
on Ebay or 
(who understand Korean) on Feelway
or visit Ciren store.

Why will you buy?
Because you can style them with anything and they look great.
Quality: I can not guarantee for another bracelets, but what I have, is great!

Here comes my Korean outfit for you guys! I hope you enjoy it.

I wear:
Sweater/ Korean brand
Wedges/ Zara
Backpack/ Asos
Bracelet set/ Vicky
Bracelet with my name/ Natalia Dalbem
Hair band/ Forever 21

P.S. You will get a box like that.

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