Interview with Jewelry designers (Korea and Japan)

7:15 AM
It was Day 2 at Seoul’s Fashion KODE, I found myself gazing at many of the jewelry pieces.  As some of you know, I started to learn how to make jewelry and I was very interested to talk with jewelry designers.  I wanted to ask about their experience and how they started their successful careers.  

One of designers with whom I spoke was Korean jewelry designer, Jae Woong Kim.   He had pieces that were quite beautiful.  His jewelry is for both women and men, and has become very popular for Korean celebrities.  I found him near his display, where he agreed to an impromptu interview. 

White for fall

6:14 PM
Who said that white color is for summer?
Despite that I pop so many colors in my life, I still feel confident in pastels.
And the versatility of the innocent hue gives many possibilities for styling. I had not chance to enjoy white colors this summer so much, but I am not sad! Because here is another season when I can rock my white pencil skirt, which I paired with romantic and chic scull top. White combination looks always fresh, easy and fabulous.

Fashion KODE (17-19.10) and my experience

2:00 AM

Last week was an exciting time for Seoul because of upcoming events in the fashion industry.  I was lucky to be invited to be a part of all the hottest events, Fashion KODE.  This event was staged in the upscale and popular COEX Mall.  For three days, I had a lovely time at the Fashion KODE event, which was organized very well and kept me captivated for its entirety.   I had a chance to see and meet creative designers with fresh ideas, see some of Runway shows, be at the networking party, and eat some delicious foods like sushi.

Sneakers rock

4:10 AM
Oh.. I am so thankful to designer like Isabel Marant, to give perfect shoes which fit for any outfit and very comfortable. Today in every shop you can find so many variety of comfy and cool sneakers. 
Korea is enjoying last warm days and I am enjoying my sneakers. The weekend is a perfect time to feel casual, have no make-up, no heels and don't dress like a super star. Comfy and trendy sneakers made their way into mainstream. I am not a sporty person, but when I bought my first sneakers, I felt in love with this fashionable trend. I paired this comfy sneakers with my skinny pants and made a little contrast with royal blue top.

"Inspired by Korean girls"

8:07 AM
I have always liked hats, but never worn, even people told to me that it looks great on me. The life in Korea totally changed my style, I got inspired by Korean girls. They look so cute in hats. I thought, maybe I should try too. Now I am totally happy to wear it, because hats can add some charm and elegance in any outfit.

To keep my versatility I added neon necklace with neon mini bag.
And I paired my summer romper with warm vintage sweater.
I hope you are enjoying your fall weather.

Little Lime Tree

7:16 PM
Last week, I was lucky to catch up amazing weather and meet great photographers, living in Seoul. Today is very cold and wet in Korea. I can not believe that summer is really gone. 
Anyway, to not feel depressed, I want to share with you some sun and warmth on my blog!

 Little Lime Tree Photography is a young mother photographer, who enjoys every moments through lens. To work with her was very easy and enjoyable.
To see more pics you can find>>>

Baby Pink

8:50 AM
If you haven't yet worn pink, it is a time to add a feminine twist to your fall outfit. Pink is one of the perfect colors to show your girlishness hue. I paired my pink shirt with a gray biker jacket and dark gray tight pants and, of course, added my favorite heeled sandals. I think that Pink and Gray is an amazing color combination. Pink shades add freshness to my outfit and Gray adds refinement.


5:31 PM
Light cool wind blows korean streets, sun doesn't shine. You can not see if anybody wears tops and blouses. Time to wear sweaters.

All magazines, bloggers, designers wear another trends of this year.

But I will break rules. Mint is back on my blog!

I bring a fresh mint colors into my wardrobe this fall. I wear mint sweater, which I bought last year, and my favorite minty shoes.  I really enjoy this outfit, because mint is very feminine, romantic and unique color. For a chic outfit I mix mint with neon beanie.

New Canon Lens

6:56 PM
Happy Monday, dear bloggers! 
I just want to share with you my first pics with new lens.
So very excited to work with it!
Here is my new baby Canon lens 50 mm f 1/8.
From reading a lot of reviews about this lens, I found tree important facts:
1. Very sharp;
2. Inexpensive;
3. Fast.

What do you use?

Metrocity Show

6:56 AM
Last Friday, I and my friends ( Elyse and Ene) had a chance to visit an amazing Fashion and Culture Trendy Show by Metrocity. Metrocity is a brand bags in Korea. 
I was lucky to be invited by my friend Arong Shin, who is a talented korean fashion designer. She designed 95 pieces for this Runway Show. 
Her collection combined perfect with Metrocity's bags.
But most surprising was to see a whole show. Because it started with amazing classic music and light show. It was breathtaking.
I hope you can enjoy the video which I made for you!

Stripe Blazer

7:06 AM
Vertical, horizontal, black, white, colorful, thin or thick many variations of stripes you can see on korean fashionistas. I never have seen so many stripes in my life. 
I did not buy anything with a stripe design for very long time, and finally this linear print has made a true impact on my wardrobe. 
I paired this blazer with a simple top, added a statement necklace and joggers. A cool belt gave a versatile look to my outfit. 
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