Fall Beanie Style

8:48 PM

Just like many accessories I think that Beanie is one of the things, which MUST HAVE any fashionista...Cool Beanie achieves a chic vision of any outfits.
Forget about rules that enforce casual combinations.
Beanies has NO rules, how to wear and with what to combine! 
I offer you two variants: sport and heeled shoes.

Comfy and Chic

Rocking Fall

12:18 AM
Summer is gone, like many hot trends of this year. But not for me and neon is still perfect color for fall. Because I am a big fan of electric blue, I could not stop to buy clothes with this hot color of the year. This time I mixed blue with all trends at once. Paired neutral colors like white and beige gave an interesting accent on neon pieces.

Maxi skirt

9:26 PM
Last month I went to the special event of my friend, if you do not remember, check it out Enemood party. For this occasion I have choose maxi royal blue skirt. As you notice, a royal blue is one of my trendy color of this year and maxi skirt always easy to style, it is very feminine, versatile and amazing for any event.

Silly me and some tips how to be photogenic

7:04 AM
I am sure that many bloggers have problems looking as good in portraits as we do in reality.  It is just an attempt to make our readers think that we are perfect.  Nobody is perfect!  Sad, but it is reality!

I want to share some tips for posing to look better:

1. You should love your camera and feel comfortable with it.
2. Practice, practice and again practice. A mirror is your second BBF!
    Find the right angle of your face and your body.
3. Chin down, think about something wonderful and show your playful eyes.

My secret of success

9:42 AM
How to understand what makes a woman so special? How to create dainty in your outfit, what can fascinate and turn men's head?

I will open to you my secret of success: 

1. Good Quality. It doesn't mean you have to wear very expensive and brand clothes. You can always find a good quality for very democratic prices by local stores, for example I spend only 10$ on this stripe jacket.
2. Simplicity. Choose right accessories. But you should remember, less is always better than over.
3. Neatness. An elegant woman will never walk out in rumpled clothes. Stay clean!
4. Be yourself. Never wear what doesn't make you feel yourself. Nothing will be successful without your personality!


12:29 AM
Guys, if you remember I won one of competition by WhatIWear. And finally the clothes, which I order by ASOS, arrived! Yeah!
Today I would love to share with you one variant of how to wear a vest.
In my opinion, a vest is one of the most versatile items in your closet and every fashionista must have one! Fashionable vests come in a variety of designs this season, but my attention is on the lighter version of a sleeveless man jacket. 
With the right accessories and additions you will always look unique.
The elegance of a simple light blue vest strikes a perfect balance between classic and chic.

LOOKTIQUE Real Fashion Magazine

11:54 PM
Here is one my outfit which was spotted by Korean Magazine


6:10 PM
Mermaid is one of my favorite myth character since my childhood. 
When I saw this huge rock on the beach, I  thought definitely about mermaids. 
The mystic mood, flying hair and floral skort gave me a chance to feel like I am one of them.

Are you ready for Fall?

4:22 AM
Summer is over. As sad as it sounds but summer is over.
And now I am looking for something, what will inspire me to be ready for cold days.
I definitely need a new coat, new pair of shoes and couple of  warm sweaters.
How about you? Are you ready for Fall?
(click on the pic below)

My husband's shirt

12:20 AM

Wish list 1

12:18 AM
Sometimes it is so hard to choose what do you really want, and I usually make a wishlist like any fashionista and today I would like to share some of dresses, which I have choose.
(If you click on the dress, you can see the brand, price and also it can transformer you direct to the store)


12:31 AM
Pareo is one my favorite accessories on the beach. The gentle touch of pareo give me a feeling of sense of femininity and satisfaction. It is easy to care, it is perfect for styling. A pareo can be worn in many ways as a dress or a skirt. 

Summer trends by me

1:09 AM
Summer is over! But not in my blog!
Here is some of my favorite outfits this summer!
I want that you will pay your attention to the little pieces, like accessories and if you notice I wear same clothes. My closet is not so huge. But you can always restyle you look with small accessories or just try to combine with another things in your wardrobe, it will look always different and fascinating! I hope you will get inspired, guys!
Enjoy it!
If you need a help with your style, I am here for you!!!

Interview with District Gal

1:51 AM
  District Gal is a fashion blog, which inspired by Korean style. Yvette Cruz is a founder of District Gal. On her blog, you can find about Korean fashion, great restaurants, shops, and events.

     Tell us about yourself a little bit: Who are you, where are you from, how old and what do you do?
      I am Yvette Cruz, Mexican-American from Chicago, IL
About age, it’s a secret!!
I am Fashion Blogger News/Media Style. Owner of District Gal.
(To find out more about District Gal, visit Fashion in Korea MagazineSocial Wardrobe blog

Plaid Shirt

6:39 AM
You know that my personal style is very feminine, but sometimes I wear what is more comfortable and casual. For travel look I choose a plaid man shirt. Plaid shirts are a staple in one's wardrobe for many years.  They save money because you can wear them many times and still look trendy. For a chic look, I opted chain necklaces (Black Spike Necklace/ Forever21, Cold Chain/made by me) and a set of stretch bracelets.

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