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5:33 PM
Three month ago, I shared my start in the morning with http://journeyof3.tumblr.com/.
Three young mothers with big ambitions, have a terrific blog!
They are living in three different countries, but they have three common things about what they care: health, family and social life.
It is very fascinating blog, they share what they eat, where they spend their weekends and also they talk about interesting people. The sad part that they write only in Russian language, and for guys, who doesn't speak Russian, probably can not read it, but I am sure Russian readers would love their blog.


4:55 PM
OMG, how much I missed you all!!!!!
First I want to share with you  a great news!
You can find more info in their  WHATIWEAR BLOG.

Second, I am in Korea back.
I spend an amazing time with my families in Seattle! 
It was my second visit to Seattle and this time I really enjoyed a sunny weather. 

Today I want to share with you about choies online store experience and my new dress!

Choies.com have a nice deal, you can get 10$ discount as a new register and for complete your information you will get more 5$ discount! 
When I got my 15$ discount, I started to look for something interesting and not expensive. 
After 10 minutes I found a stunning dress. With my discount I bought this dress for 13.99 $. 
Isn't awesome?
I think, it is a perfect deal for pioneers! 
I was so excited to have this dress, but I got an email later that it can not be shipped to me. Choies can not accept APO, FPO addresses. Sad face ;(

BUT I am surprised how fast they work with their customers. I can give 5 stars for their service!!! Excellent job!
My dress was shipped to the States, I am a lucky person that I was there too!
So here is my look for Sailor dress ;)


You can find my dress >>>click here.

Going to vacation! See you in August

4:32 AM
My dear, readers!
I want to let you know that I will not write for 2 weeks. I am so sorry! Don't miss me ;)
I have a wedding next week. YEAH...Finally!
It was a very hard time for us and our families to have this big day.
I will share some pics from my wedding day ASAP;)

For now, here is my last look, which was made before rainy season.

i am missing sunny days

5:29 AM
Good evening, my dear friends!
In Korea is still raining ;(
To bring some sun into my blog,
I will share a new fresh outfit.
A Light green and white are perfect colors for summer days.
This time I decided to be elegant and sporty.
And cute sneakers made my outfit.

Interview with WhatIWear

4:00 PM
Good morning, my dear readers!
Today I want to share with you an interview with a beautiful member of WhatIWear
But before answers. I want to introduce you a little about WhatIWear.

What is WhatIWear? 
What I Wear is a fashion website which features lots of different fashion styles from real people around the world. Where people can meet each other in real time. 
How can you find? Just join www.whatiwear.com
Check out an introductory Video of WhatIWear.

Tell a little about yourself (name, age, job, what do you do at whatiwear)
Hi everyone, my name is Valencia, I am 22 this year, I work as the community manager at WhatIWear.com

How did WhatIWear decide to build a fashion community?
There are already a couple of established street fashion websites, and they work very well as a fashion inspiration site. WhatIWear aims to be a street fashion community, not just an inspiration site. To help members expand their fashion network, make more friends and even meetup offline with people who share the same passion. To journey with members as they explore their individual styles and grow in their fashion adventure. To celebrate the rich variety of individual fashion styles, and not just the common beauty defined by magazines and mass media.

My look (Small Fashion gathering in Seoul)

6:32 AM
Hi, my sweeties!
Here is my ootd when I met up in Seoul with my Fashion gals (click here ).

Fashion small gathering in Seoul

1:32 AM
Hi, hi, hi!
Today is a rainy day in S. Korea and I can finally share with you how I spend my Saturday with fashion gals.
We were planning this meeting a long time ago with the same fashion lovers, which I met in Seoul for  WhatIWear gathering.  (If you missed this post you can find it here or check out WhatIWear blog). Thanks to WhatIWear to bring us together!

This time we meet in IFC mall for photo shooting and lunch.
I want to welcome new members of our small group of fashion souls!!!
Two cute BFFs from the States: Yvette and Michelle. They have a great sense of fashion, check out their blog: http://districtgal.com/

Local store

11:47 PM
Hi, my sweeties!
I hope you had a wonderful week! It is a wonderful day in South Korea.
Here is my latest outfit.
The top and denim shorts I bought in local korean stores. The quality is pretty good, I think you will really love  low prices when you will visit South Korea.
Also I wear a necklace from H&M, a hat from Forever 21 and my old vintage  comfortable wedges.

I want new comfortable wedges for this summer, but to be honest most of them are not comfortable or over prized. Maybe if you know any online stores with comfy shoes with good deals, I will appreciate your help. I am a person, who likes to spend money right.

Also do not forget to join What I Wear fashion community, where you can post looks, find new inspiration or to be a part of this community.

Challenger of the JUNE

3:33 AM
I got a great news from What I Wear! I won a third place on Whatiwear Challenge!
You can be a next one! Just enjoy http://www.whatiwear.com/ ! Also we gonna start new challenge this weekend, I am very excited!
 Here is some looks from last months. And welcome  to my new followers! Xoxoxox


8:02 PM
Hi, my dears!
I had a wonderful weekend with my darling. Although it was so hot, we decided to visit National Palace Museum,  Gyeongbokgung Palace and another palaces around. I think I was only one who was wearing a long dress in this hot day. Hehe.
But anyway I enjoyed so much my maxi dress from Bershka. Also I wore a nice belt from Forever 21 and cute messenger bag from Osan.

I have a great news for Facebook lovers! I finally have a Facebook page! You can find me here!!!
For fashion bloggers: Romwomen is looking for cooperation with you, if you are interested just click on the left side on the banner and contact to them, or you can get a coupon, if you are a new registered. Good luck and wish you a great week! 

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