Through the looking glass

8:08 PM
Hi, my dear!

Last night as usually before sleep time I check out lookbook website. And I was inspired by wonderful blogger and model , look here.
And I am going to wear everything in white today. Just wonderful!
My new white shoes you can find in zappos store online. If you are going to be a new customer, my advice before you buy, read reviews, because it is very helpful. Zappos have a great service and a safe guarantee shopping! I am very happy with this online store, you can find here
My new blouse you can find here


11:41 PM
Hey guys,
I got inspiration by my new case phone.
It has two colors like dark blue and mint.
My goal  was to match to my new case ;) Insane! But I think it looks great!
My new skirt is  from Forever 21,  and if you interested you can find it  here.
It has a good price and very comfortable.

Find me at  lookbooknu >>>
Enjoy your day! Hugs!


1:49 AM
 Black and white..
 If you open bloggers website you will just see that it is just crazy, all bloggers, all stores filled with black and white pants..
and to not be last one, I decided to try out my new pants from Forever21 and white shirt from H&M store.
Great jewelry details helped me to finish my look and do not be bored just by white and black colors, my bracelet you can find by Forever21  and new necklace Rolo Chain Bib
Again I want to say that korean stores have a lot of fun and very fashionable stuff, my new bag I found in Osan's korean store, it has no name ;( But it is very easy to find if you gonna visit Korea once ;)))

Pants: Forever21
Necklace & Bracelet: Forever21


5:45 PM
I think that it is time to mix colors. I dressed up in light blue dress from Forever21, this dress is perfect to mix all colors on you. I am sure that it is not final experiment! It is spring time  and I feel to bring different smudge on my look , to finish my look I wear a peach blazer and pink flats from H&M

Dress: Forever21
Blazer: H&M
Flats: H&M

Male Shirt

3:29 AM
Hi, my dear!

Today is very popular to wear male cloth. I never thought that I will wear one day anything from my husband.
Like a normal wife I bought for my dear a shirt as a gift from Kazakhstan, and because I did not see him for very long time, I forgot how big he is ;)
This shirt was small for him, but I found a solution. I gonna wear it with some details...
Do you wear any clothes from your boyfriend? father? brother? What do you think about it?

Astana Fashion

11:51 AM
Hi, my dear!

I am in Kazakhstan! It is my home country! I will post more pics from my country later in my blog photozhuk.
It is so wonderful to be back home, but a weather is horrible here. Anyway  I am very happy to see my family, friends and to meet new people. Astana is a capital city of Kazakhstan. It is very modern city in whole country, maybe if you are interested to visit one day check out  this video astana .

This time I did not have a lot time to see a lot, but I was lucky to meet Zhanar, one of my follower from Instagram, you can check out her blog Zhanar Kair's fashion and travel blog or find her on Instagram @zhanarkair.
I am very thankful to her for  great photoshooting and nice time!

Like I said early, here is a bit cold than in Korea. I did not have a lot of warm cloth with me and I wore my jacket and pullover from H&M, it kept me warm. Because I am travelling a lot I decided to wear more comfortable clothes as backpack and sport shoes, which is made in Korea.
What do you wear when do you travel?


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