Isabel Marant in Korea and my thoughts about H&M

Last weekend I visited Isabel Marant pour H&M pre-shopping party. Thanks a lot to my lovely friend for invitation. We were lucky to see some of famous models and celebrities of Korea, ate  yummy snacks and drink free drinks. But when a time turned to see and buy something left from collection, we were really disappointed. 
At first, most of expensive items were sold out, second I was not happy with the quality and so boring basic collection for such a high price. 

I think that H&M need to stop cooperate with famous designers, because every time the collection  is not so great. My opinion that H&M need to hire better people and work on own brand of H&M. As I remember when H&M just started they had really amazing pieces,  now I do not buy anything by H&M because of bad quality and uninteresting clothes.

What do you think about Isabel Marat collection? and what do you think about collaboration H&M with designers?

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