Fashion KODE (17-19.10) and my experience

Last week was an exciting time for Seoul because of upcoming events in the fashion industry.  I was lucky to be invited to be a part of all the hottest events, Fashion KODE.  This event was staged in the upscale and popular COEX Mall.  For three days, I had a lovely time at the Fashion KODE event, which was organized very well and kept me captivated for its entirety.   I had a chance to see and meet creative designers with fresh ideas, see some of Runway shows, be at the networking party, and eat some delicious foods like sushi.

COEX Mall is Korea’s largest mall, making it a fabulous location for Fashion KODE.  The place is already the most popular place for domestic and foreign visitors, so having such an important event here only added to the exciting atmosphere.  The inspiration for this event was to expose Korean and foreign designers to the global market.  The fashion fair was open to everyone, to include buyers, exhibitors, and press.

When I arrived to the event, I was greeted by a giant white room.  Everything was very bright, and there were people of all walks of life buzzing around the many displays.  There were many clothing brand items that were spread in small islands everywhere.  There was a little café with coffee and snacks, providing fuel for those that had been enjoying Seoul nightlife the evening before.  There was a separate area for the runway shows that was segregated, as the darkness of that room contrasted vividly with the brightness of the main entryway. 

I really enjoyed seeing all of the expressions of fashion that came in the forms of clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes, arts, and every other medium one can imagine.  As crazy fashionista, I was interested most in clothing and jewelry.  On my first day, I walked around and talked with some of the designers about their collections.  I learned about those that are up-and-coming as well as those who are already firmly established in the fashion industry.  I was incredibly lucky to spot some of the most famous and powerful Korean designers like Lie Sang Bong, President of Korea Fashion Association Ui Sik Yang; Min Sung Kim, Chairman of the board of Seoul Art College; Hyun Jae Cho, First Vice Minister of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; and Hong Sang Pyo, Director the of Korea Creative Content Agency.  Some of the major highlights included celebrities like the actor Min Kwon, beautiful actress Ji Min Yun, model Lee Sun Jin, and famous actor Cho Yeon Woo.

I went to the runway show called “Stage Next.”  It was a typical runway show, where designers were able to showcase their brands.  There seemed to be a lot of menswear.  The plentitude of men’s fashion made it different than shows at Seoul Fashion Week.  After the runway show, I attended the Networking Party.  There I enjoyed some free drinks and sushi.  It was very satisfying to connect with those who share a passion for fashion.  Business cards and phone numbers were being exchanged left and right.  I was just happy to be a part of the event.  By the end of Fashion KODE, I can say it is a wonderful experience for any person.  I cannot wait for next year!

I hope you enjoyed it too!
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