My secret of success

How to understand what makes a woman so special? How to create dainty in your outfit, what can fascinate and turn men's head?

I will open to you my secret of success: 

1. Good Quality. It doesn't mean you have to wear very expensive and brand clothes. You can always find a good quality for very democratic prices by local stores, for example I spend only 10$ on this stripe jacket.
2. Simplicity. Choose right accessories. But you should remember, less is always better than over.
3. Neatness. An elegant woman will never walk out in rumpled clothes. Stay clean!
4. Be yourself. Never wear what doesn't make you feel yourself. Nothing will be successful without your personality!

Photography by Districtgal

I wear:
Clutch/ Korean Local store
Stripe Jacket/Korean Local store

P.S. Special thanks to Districtgal for helping to put everything together.

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