My wedding dress

Good morning, my sweeties!

Today I am so excited to share with you my wedding dress! Yeah!

Like all girls I wanted to look very special on my wedding day. I spend many hours in internet to find something what I would love to see on me. Many of my girlfriends were helping me too.

Here is some dresses, which I choose.

I knew that I want something that it can show my personality, something very light and feminine.
But most of dresses had corsets (I never like corsets because they are not comfortable, special if you have small boobs) or material looked cheap but the dress were expensive. After a year of torment I decided that I will design my dress myself.

At first, I wanted something comfortable. And I got an idea that this dress must have two parts like a short dress and a long skirt, that I can take off my long skirt when I need to dance.
Second, it must look very classy, nothing shiny (most of girls will wear very shiny dress, but girls think about it. It make look your dress very cheap. My advice: if you want something shiny, choose only one detail like a shiny belt or make accent on your shiny necklace).
Third, it should not cost a lot of money. Because we planned to have an expensive wedding. You will think that I am crazy, but I do not see a reason to spend a lot of money on dress, which you will wear only one time.
Fourthly, it must have some elegance and be charming. It was a long long veil.

After couple ideas, I needed to find a person who will help to sew a dress.
One of my instagram friend from Kazakhstan said that most of her cloth made by her friend, I have seen some pics on her profile and I liked this work so much. After I contacted her, she told that she usually design stuff and her mother makes them.

When I was in Kazakhstan, I meet up with her, we talked about details, how it must look. Her mother is a great person, she made a dress in one night! CRAZY?! Right! But I was so happy to see my dress, because it was an excellent work!

I am ready to hear your comments about it!

We were celebrating our wedding in Salty's, they had an amazing service, great venue and so delicious food!
I want to tell my mother-in-low and all people, who was helping with our wedding, how much I appreciate their help. They made it very special!

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