Korea Style Week

I feel so exciting every time, when I hear about great events which associated with fashion. And last week with the emotional mood I went to Korea Style Week .
It was a second exhibition of this year in Seoul.

I found it pretty interesting, because every exhibitor had a great chance to show their talent on designing clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags etc.
As for customers and visitors, they sold interesting things and we could visit open Runway stage.

After walking around and taking pics we finally could visit Runway show.
If you were  there you had an opportunity to visit 4 times different Runway shows, but we had chance to see only two.
1. Youser

This designer of Runway showed how he see this Fall.
He used a lot of cool colors like dark blue, gray, dark green, brown, purple.
You will think that they are exact colors for Fall, but my opinion that he lacks a bit brightness on his models.
If I was a designer I would use  more bright and colorful material,  even if I do not want big pieces on my models, I can still use little details for example like yellow scarf or neon cap, it will make me a little bit various and individual.


Second designer showed for this Fall too, but his Runway was very different from first. He used also dark pieces, but mixed with bright colors like white, red, blue. What made it look more fascinating. 

Speaking about individuality I wore a red blouse and red lipstick with tribal pants.

And I want you introduce to my beautiful friend Gaukhar from Kazakhstan. 

In general I really enjoyed to be there, but I wish they had not only clothes but also beauty products and maybe hairstylist too.
I hope you had fun to read!
Thank you for following my dears!
Yours QH.

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