Hard hard Monday!

How do I start my day to not feel tired?
Here is a little tip what I usually do to feel fresh and not tired:

1. Orange juice for everyday (good for immunity system, Vitamin C);
2. Cold shower every morning (good for skin and also for immunity system);
3. Smile every minute (great for people around you, because your smile will give them a little happiness and also it gives you a great mood for whole week).
I hope it will help you too!!!

Today I would love to share how I wear my new Tuxedo Stripe Joggers / Forever 21.
When I found them, first I thought, how and with what could I wear it?
I was not sure if I want to buy them, but blue color is one of my favorites colors this year, and it was a strong reason to have them.

What do you think about to wear two massive necklaces together?

I wear:
Joggers/Forever 21
Heels/ Michael Antonio
Necklace (white)/ H&M
Necklace (blue)/ Forever 21
Bracelet/ Forever 21

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