DIY flower vases

Good morning, my dear!
Because my husband is very busy this week, and I have no pics to show my outfits, I decided to DIY flower vases.

I love to decorate my house with flowers and sometimes I have not enough vases in my house, it was a good reason to create some flower vases this time.

 First, I was thinking what can I use for material?! Once again, buying my favorite korean juice, I got an idea.

Step 1: I just cleaned all bottles from plastic and I got very cute jars out.

Step 2: I choose my old nail polish or which I did not use yet to design this bottles, in some reason I did not trash them away.

Step 3: After I just had fun to feel like in my childhood with full emotions to draw what I wanted. 

Step 4: Let them dry.
Here is my final work.

I am not the best painter but my husband liked my art. Hehe.. (Feelings like in my childhood when your parents are so proud how talented their child #lol).

Now I can use them as decoration.

I hope you can decorate them better then me, but important fact that you will have fun.

My dears, I want to announce that next week I will start my second giveaway competition. Stay in touch! 

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