"My great morning with @queenhorsfall" by Journeyof3

Three month ago, I shared my start in the morning with http://journeyof3.tumblr.com/.
Three young mothers with big ambitions, have a terrific blog!
They are living in three different countries, but they have three common things about what they care: health, family and social life.
It is very fascinating blog, they share what they eat, where they spend their weekends and also they talk about interesting people. The sad part that they write only in Russian language, and for guys, who doesn't speak Russian, probably can not read it, but I am sure Russian readers would love their blog.

They were happy to share about my morning "My great morning with @queenhorsfall " and I would love to translate for you:
10 May, 2013

Good morning everyone!
"“Traveling is more fun-- hell, life is more fun--if you can treat it as a series of impulses.” 
― Bill BrysonNeither Here Nor There: Travels in Europe

Let start this Friday with this delightful quote. We want to introduce you the morning of beautiful, loving and non-stop traveling girl, Diana.
Many readers are familiar with our heroine through our favorite Instagram, her nickname @queenhorsfall.

"My darling goes to run early in the morning and I let him wake up first. Usually, I am awake after a morning kiss. When he leaves, I usually go back to spend couple hours in our warm blanket. 

I start my morning with light salad or yogurt usually. I never liked to eat when I am awake, but if my dear cooks on the weekend, of corse I can not deny myself in heavy breakfast. It is an omelet with vegetables, bacon, orange juice and yogurt with fruits.

When I lived in Germany, I did not had so much time and in rush ate horrible food. And because of a lot of stress I got problems with my skin. Then I decided to give up coffee, fatty and fast food. I started to eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and the skin returned in normal condition in a month.

Now I am living in Korea and my life changed a bit. We do not watch TV, I read usually news online. I love New York Times and german channel tagesschau.de, sometimes I am listening classic music on Spotify.

Many of my followers can see that sometimes I am enjoying sweet things in the morning like cake or ice-cream.  Candies, fresh flowers, cleaned house gave me a great mood for the day. 

What can change my good mood, it is a rain, or if I did not sleep enough.

Travel is my main motivation in my life. I can not stay too long on one place. If I had chance to travel more, I think I would never stop."

We thank Diana and wish her that her insatiable desire to travel has never waned, the open road and new starts!

I hope you are enjoyed to read about me!

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