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Good morning, my dear readers!
Today I want to share with you an interview with a beautiful member of WhatIWear
But before answers. I want to introduce you a little about WhatIWear.

What is WhatIWear? 
What I Wear is a fashion website which features lots of different fashion styles from real people around the world. Where people can meet each other in real time. 
How can you find? Just join
Check out an introductory Video of WhatIWear.

Tell a little about yourself (name, age, job, what do you do at whatiwear)
Hi everyone, my name is Valencia, I am 22 this year, I work as the community manager at

How did WhatIWear decide to build a fashion community?
There are already a couple of established street fashion websites, and they work very well as a fashion inspiration site. WhatIWear aims to be a street fashion community, not just an inspiration site. To help members expand their fashion network, make more friends and even meetup offline with people who share the same passion. To journey with members as they explore their individual styles and grow in their fashion adventure. To celebrate the rich variety of individual fashion styles, and not just the common beauty defined by magazines and mass media.

Who is the leader of
People who love fashion so much and want to be inspired by other fashion lovers around the world.

How long do you work with your team? 
I joined 3 months ago and it's been an exciting yet surprising journey. Thanks to the solid team of WhatIWear for all the help and support till this day.

How many people work in your team? 
We are a small team, roughly 10 people. Consisting of designers, programmers, content ppl and community manager

Tell me a little about your personal style, make up and hair. What kind of style do you prefer?
My style is very laid back and simple I would say. I do aim for efortlessly chic kind of feel :p Same thing goes with my make up and hair, I prefer natural look since I don't really diggin' the look where people can tell you have tons of makeup and hairspray. 

What do you think about trends? Do you wear them?
Yes, I do try to incorporate trends to my outfits. But sometimes if the trend is too bizarre for me, I will just give that subtle touch to my outfit so people still can tell that I am trend forward but not 'in your face' kind of feel.

Did you ever wear anything funny/strange?
Oh well, during my teenage years, I believe I did a lot of experiments with my style, that, to be honest, I'm not really proud of haha. But if I had to choose one, I guess wearing a really baggy rapper jeans would be my biggest regret, even though I feel so cool back in the day haha.   

What's your wish to new members of WhatIWear?
Thank you for joining. You are the reason we started WhatIWear. We can't wait to see your looks and stay tuned because we are launching many exciting features! 

Thank you so much for your time! Hope to meet your team in real life once!
Let's guys to join WhatIWear and be an inspiration!

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